Carolina Petersen

I am a  4th year Linguistics PhD student at University of Maryland. My advisors are Prof. Norbert Hornstein and Prof. Howard Lasnik.   I completed my MA thesis  "O licenciamento do sujeito nulo em orações subjuntivas do português brasileiro: contribuições para a Teoria de Controle por Movimento."  in 2011 at Universidade de São Paulo, under the supervision of Prof. Jairo Nunes. In my thesis, I discuss obviation effects and the status of null subjects in subjunctive clauses in Brazilian Portuguese. 
My area of research is Syntax under a generative framework. I am currently interested in long distance dependencies in Syntax and on the nature of experiencers and subjects, in general.  I am also interested in language acquisition and semantics. 
Besides Linguistics, I like to read, write, and experience arts in general. In my spare time I  play the guitar, and do a lot of sports/physical activities. I love to play with my adorable cat too, and cook all sorts of vegan goodies.

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