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Research record (below)

Publications in refereed journals
“Income volatility: Whom you trade with matters” (forthcoming), with Marion Jansen (ITC) and Roberta Piermartini (WTO). Review of World Economics.

“Complementarity of inputs across countries in services trade” (2009), with Daniel Mirza (Université de Tours), and Giuseppe Nicoletti (OECD) - in Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques.

Working papers
"Trade in Services and Trade in Goods: Differences and Complementarities", (2008) PSE Working Papers 2008-53 and (2009) WIIW Working Papers 53

“Trade in services: Cross-Border Trade v/s Commercial Presence; Evidence of Complementarity", (2008) PSE Working Papers 2008-52 and (2009) WIIW Working Papers 59

“Exposure to external shocks and income volatility”, with Marion Jansen - ILO, and Roberta Piermartini- WTO, (2009) CEPR Discussion Paper no. 7123 and WTO staff working paper n° ERSD-2009-04. Last version

Others publications and reports

“Globalization and labour standards: A review of the literature” (2014). Report prepared for the Canadian-Swiss Cooperation Project on Improving worker rights in globalising economies. Reports will be published on-line on the project homepage.

Module 2: "Assessing the Impact of Services Regulations: A Review of Empirical Methods" (2014). In "Toolkit for a Regulatory Assessment on Services Trade and Investment", Washington DC, World Bank.

Chapter : "Exposure to External Shocks and the Geographical Diversification of Exports", with Marc Bacchetta, Marion Jansen and Roberta Piermartini, in Richard Newfarmer, William Shaw and Peter Walkenhorst (Eds.) Breaking into New Markets: Emerging Lessons for Export Diversification, World Bank, Washington DC, 2009

Chapter: “Knowledge flows between the BRICs and the EU” (2009), with Bernhard Dachs (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology). In “EU and BRICs: Challenges and opportunities for European competitiveness and cooperation”. Industrial Policy and Economic Reform Papers - Number 13. European Commission.

Collaboration in FAO report “Trends and Challenges in Latin American and Caribbean Agriculture, 2004” (

Work in progress
“Globalization and gender discrimination: An empirical analysis based on firm-level data”

“Competition in manufacturing and service content of manufactured products”, with Robert Stehrer (wiiw). Presentation (Sep 2010)