Zoe & Pressley
Our babies

We have two, very energetic miniature dachshunds.  Zoe, our "baby girl", is 2 1/2 years old and Pressley, our newest addition to the family, is 1.  They love each other so much and play very hard.  They run around the house chasing each other going, what seems like, 20 MPH.  Zoe barks (in a very high pitch) because she can't quite catch up to him.  They are hilarious!



Pressley, our boy, is on the left, and Zoe, female, is on the right



Taking naps are very important :-)



I got Zoe for DH when we were dating.  This is the day that we got her (March 2006).









Zoe helped us during our wedding planning.  We took pictures of her for our table numbers.



Oh mom!  (She looks like she's crying in this photo, but I promise she was not.)



Zoe and all of her toys



The day we got Pressley (August 2007).  We took Zoe with us to the breeder's house to meet Pressley and to pick him up.  Side note: Zoe gives tons of "kisses".



Caught ya!  His first day visiting the grandparents, Pressley chewed up the charger to my laptop.




Ah ha - caught ya again!  He loves paper.



All grown up.  (Excuse the floor, we tore up the vinyl to put in ceramic tile.)



My favorite picture of "my baby girl".



Super Dog!!!!!  He found this bag and somehow got in it, all by himself.  :-)



Soaking up some rays







"Friends" that came over to play (their cousins - my sister & BIL's dogs).  They have a mini dachshund also (far left) and a jack russell terrier.