DIY Projects

Landscaping Project - fountain

Since we live in a townhouse, there's not much landscaping that we can do; however, DH loves working on the "yard" and adding his personal touches.  Thankfully, for this project, my parents had some left over stone that they gave us.

















Misting irrigation system

DH made a water irrigation system to automatically water our plants on the back deck.  But unfortunately, soon after he set it up, we went into water restrictions, and have been for almost a year now. 







Chair Railing

One of our first DIY projects inside the house was adding chair railing to our entry way.  Of course we then needed to paint.  :-)





Tiling the floor (kitchen, entryway, & powder bathroom)

One day after running errands we came home to this huge section missing from our vinyl floor.  Our male puppy was the culprit (we leave them in the kitchen).  We had previously noticed that there was a slash in the vinyl flooring and we weren't sure how it got there (but suspected the builders did it when putting in the is a new TH).  We wanted to put porcelin tile in the kitchen but also wanted to wait a while.  Oh well, it was an excuse to get it done sooner. hehe!









Putting in the last tile in the kitchen - hallelujah!




Powder Bathroom








Laminate wood flooring

I don't have any pictures that were taken while putting down the flooring because DH and his step-father worked on it while I was at work.  We installed it downstairs in our entryway hallway and in the living room.  The furniture was all moved around during the days they worked on it, and my house was filled with dust, but the end result is worth it.  We really like it.