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A Feminist Kant, The New York Times, 2013

(included in The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments and Modern Ethics in 64 Arguments: A Stone Reader)

Are victims of oppression obligated to resist their oppression?  In short, yes.  And the philosophical resources for this claim can be found in a somewhat surprising place: in the moral philosophy of the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Gross Violations, Aeon Magazine, 2014 

Disgust is often used as a tool of persuasion. But are gut feelings ever a reliable guide in questions of right and wrong?

Contrarian Resistance, Philosop-Her, 2015

A short piece that discusses the tensions between feminism and philosophy, and describes my work on resisting oppression.

To wrap up our classes, we divert most of our energies to a select number of tasks. More often than not, we make a mess of the rest. (co-authored with John Kaag)

Philosophers on Prostitution's Decriminalization, Daily Nous, 2015

An invited contribution to a group post discussing the decriminalization of sex work.

Welcome to UMass Lowell, Mr. Trump, Boston Globe, 2016

Donald Trump's rhetoric is sexist, racist, ableist, and xenophobic.  But when you let jerks like him onto your campus to speak, their true colors show themselves pretty quickly.  (co-authored with John Kaag)

Girlfriend, Mother, Professor?  The New York Times, 2016

(included in Modern Ethics in 64 Arguments: A Stone Reader)

Our culture lacks the scripts to know how to deal with women in positions of authority.  Female professors have a particularly difficult time establishing a rapport with students that doesn’t revolve around the tired tropes of saintly mother or sexual plaything.  

On being a couple of philosophers: not just in the same discipline, but in the same department.  (co-authored with John Kaag)

(featured in a WBUR radio interview: For Women To 'Lean In', Who Needs To 'Lean Out'?)

Much has been said about the importance of women “leaning in.” But what’s generally overlooked in these conversations is that if a woman leans in to her professional opportunities, another party — typically a man — is going to have to lean out.  (co-authored with John Kaag)

Trump knows exactly what he's doing with his outrageous antics. We've been duped, and we need to stop falling for it. 

If we're going to treat hate speech differently than most other countries, we must also denounce the hate crimes that inevitably result. 

If I could have a one-hour conversation with any philosopher I’d sit Kant down and bitch him out about how he could be so mindbogglingly smart about so many things and yet so stupid about the way his work applies to women, people of color, and other people who were marginalized in his time.

Institutions have to rectify the immoral provenance of their holdings. 

Immigrating to Trump's America? Philosophers Need Not Apply, The New York Times, 2017

Among the other harms the proposed immigration bill would cause, it would devastate the humanities.

Is it ok to enjoy art that’s made by sexist assholes?

A compromise between protecting privacy and ensuring a nonverbal student's safety and his parents’ peace of mind.