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The Immigration Story

Hyman Aronson... the Immigration Story

For many years I have been searching for my grandfather's and grandmother's ship manifest.  Every once in a while I would give the Ellis Island database a try using their site as well as the Steve Morse site. I must have used dozens of spelling variations and always came up dry. I recently tried using the option of searching by ship name on the Ellis Island site. On my grandfathers intention to apply for citizenship, he stated that he arrived on the SS Rotterdam 
on July 23rd.  The Ellis Island lists the passengers by alphabetical order so I could see at a glance all the variations starting with A. No Aronson among 582 passengers. I even  went through all the list for other variations but what I should have looked for was the last residence --- Augustow---.

Dag Lunqvist, a Norwegian researcher, that I have been corresponding with this past month, sent me the manifest he found on that sailing.My grandfather apparently sailed under the name Chaim In correspondence with my cousin Shelley Aronson he mentioned about his grandfather, August Samuel, that there may have been a name change. He mentioned AURON. EURON. The Ellis Island volunteers when transcribing the lists to the data base transcribed the name as EICZON. Looking at the original manifest I can now see how they made the mistake. There is a bit of a spot above the name that could be thought of as a dot on the --i--. i have highlighted the entry. With genealogy there is hardly ever 100%... but I am quite sure that this entry is my grandfather. He states in his declaration of intention that he was on the ship, estimated birth date matches plus/minus 1 yr, he was from Augustow, and he went to Boston,all things that match both the manifest and the declaration

Here is how the entry looks on Page 2

Entries number 98-99.
 Notice that sailing with him is Sore, age 18, single, and also from Augustow. But where is my grandmother. Was she sailing using another name? Couldn't find any other passengers from Augustow on that ship. Nothing using her maiden name PRICE, or her mother's maiden name RUBIN. One question answered and a new questions arises.

Oral history tells me that they sailed shortly after they were married. Also the fact that their first child Louis was born the following October makes me think that Sore is the name my grandmother used in place of Fannie.The estimated birth date also matches that of my grandmother. I don't know if she had another name besides Fannie/Fiege. She must have had been 5 months pregnant and maybe they were afraid that they wouldn't allow her to sail married and pregnant. I haven't as yet found any information about this possible restriction. Maybe they thought that traveling single with other women would be better and safer. In any case traveling steerage, 5 months pregnant would not be the most pleasant of experiences.

Another question is who are these cousins? LEWINS/LEWIS in Boston. Here is a detail of that entry!

Can anyone make out the name of the street???

While reading more thoroughly, it seems to me that our grandfather might well have been traveling with his single sister, Sore.  Did he have a sister?  Certainly there is no obvious connection between Sore and Feige (whose Hebrew name would be Zippora, not Sarah). Were they actually married and pretending to be brother and sister?  Was there a mistake in registering Sore's marital status?  Unlike today, no single woman, or woman pretending to be single, would travel while pregnant.  What a 'busha"!  No way.  So it seems to me that Sora was NOT Feige/Fanny, but someone else. But IF not again where is Fannie?

Did two more searches on the Morse site that allows for few parameters in the search.
Using 1900 as a fixed parameter making searches of all passengers from Augustow and from Kalvarija with no results except the entries on the Augustow list with the name EICZON  number 6 and 7.  My conclusion is that Sore is indeed my grandmother.
Why she traveled as single and using the name of Sore is and will probably remain a mystery.

I think I may have found the missing link.... On my mother's birth certificate: Mother's name is listed as Fannie S

This document shows my mother's name as Bella, which was changed by usage to Beatrice.  Also ARONSON is misspelled...Arenson!!!