Over the past 25 years I have pursued research interests in the acceleration of scientific innovation through: distributed computing, workflows and automation; knowledge management and the Semantic Web; social, virtual environments;  software engineering for scientific software; and new models of scholarship for data-intensive science. Since 2001 I have directed a large, mixed team of researchers, computational scientists and software engineers that specialise in e-Science.

As an applied computer scientist I have always worked alongside other disciplines, notably researchers in Chemistry, Medicine, Biodiversity, AstroPhysics, Astronomy, Social Science, Digital Librarians and, most notably, the Life Sciences. I pioneered ontology-based systems for data and model curation, the integration biology data resources and provenance.

I applied the state of the art in distributed, service-based computing and social collaboration to bioinformatics, particularly Systems Biology.

I am responsible for many widely used open source e-Science software and I have been a strong advocate for putting software innovations into real practice.

Research Themes

Accelerating Research

Distributed Computing, Automation and Scientific Workflows

Scientific Workflows

Web Services for Science

Knowledge Management, Semantic Web and Linked Data for Research

Semantic Curation and Ontology-enriched tools

Provenance models

Linked Data for Science

Research Objects

A Research Object is an aggregation object that bundles together experimental resources that are essential to a computational scientific study or investigation. In the minimum this bundle object has an identity and a suite of annotations, which can be about this bundle and the resources of the bundle. The resources aggregated by a Research Object can be: data used or results produced in an experiment study; (computational) methods employed to produce and analyse that data; or people involved in the investigation.


Spreadsheet Science

e-Labs: Social computing and Scientific Virtual Research Environments

The Social Science of Scientific Sharing