_________it is what it is...beating breast cancer using chemo, radiation and email_____________

Ok...this is BIG news!  Carol was featured in Women's Health Magazine's 'I Am A Breast Cancer Survivor' series...for the SECOND year in a row!  Check out Carol's feature at the following link:  
(Note:  Go to the 4th entry to read Carol's story)

Carol's book (it is what it is...beating breast cancer using chemo, radiation and email) has been featured in a fabulous internet venue! UPDATE:  Carol's interview on Chit Chat Cafe Live with hosts Nancy Bartie and Lisa Bavuso Kocher on 3/23/11 was a BIG success!  So much so that Chit Chat Cafe Live has invited her back for an ENCORE show October 6th!  Don't fret if you missed the original show...you can still hear it via the Chit Chat Cafe Live archives at: http://www.artistfirst.com/chitchat.htm

Chit Chat Cafe Live blends humor, tips, and newsworthy topics in lively chats that involve scheduled guests in all areas of life. They want you to feel like you are sitting in a chic cafe that could be in Paris, NYC or a quaint little town...
Topics include travel, health/fitness, relationships, fashion, celebrity news, current world events...all delivered with finesse, passion, a touch of mischievousness...


And the exposure just keeps growing! 
Following is a wonderful article featured at www.IdentityMagazine.net about how Carol Chatellier fought breast cancer and won. Check it out yourself by visiting the website below:  
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Check out these pics provided by a supporter of Carol's at a
Breast Cancer awareness program in Bristol, RI!


_________it is what it is...beating breast cancer using chemo, radiation and email_____________
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Carol's 'webmaster'


Robin Eschenbach Foley

ELLEN! I read this book! Please read it! It is a way for you to help other women who are battling catastrophic illness. The author is amazingly uplifting and has a sense of humor that you would appreciate. Give her a turn on the hula chair! Thank you.

Here is the link once again, just in case...https://sites.google.com/site/carolchatellierkleinrockauthor/


Lynn Meek

Dear Ellen, You must read Carol's book!! Her courage will inspire you and her story needs to be told to the world. She is the most amazing cancer survivor. Please put her on your show. WE LOVE YOU!!


Cynthia Rowberg

Ellen, Carol Chatellier Kleinrock is your kind of person! This book is a different take on a really rough topic. Carol is sooooo funny, valiant, intelligent, and has helped so many women. (actually, men too, our very own HS math teacher had breast cancer!) Carol is a rare woman, and this book is living proof of one of life's greatest challenges well met. I am so proud to call this incredible woman my friend! We love you Ellen, but not as much as Carol!!!


Tommy Barth

You owe it to yourself to give this woman a chance in the chair! She is a HOOT!


Aimee Ashley Myers

Ellen, please please please call Carol and have her come on your show! Her book is truly unique and so is she! She is funny, sweet and an inspiration! Give her a call, you won't be sorry!


Samantha Lauren Kleinrock

In all honesty, Ellen and Carol would be best friends. She needs to be on the show...maybe even with a permanent position.


Patricia Coy Schwarz

Hi Ellen! I have also read Carol Chatellier Kleinrock's book, and I would recommend it to everyone - not just those suffering from breast cancer, but even those who are cancer free. There is something for everyone in Carol's book. I laughed, I cried, and I felt GOOD after reading it! Carol's personality shines through her book, and it is awesome how many people she has helped already! Just imagine if you had her on your show! So many more could be inspired by Carol's journey and her wonderful spirit. I am lending my copy to my dear friend, Toni, who was just diagnosed with cancer. I know Carol's book will help Toni through her own personal journey. And if that's not enough reason to have Carol on your show, I bet you two would make a great dance team!


Susan Beattie Spellman

Hi Ellen... I have read Carol Chatellier Kleinrock's book and would definitely recommend it. It is just a great book and can help people understand from beginning to end the process and positive things that can come out of this disease. I gave the book to my sister in law who went through this last year and it has helped her tremendously. Carol would be a great guest on your show and she really loves to dance.


Janet Finn Germinario

I have read Carol Chatellier Kleinrock's book "It Is What It Is" several times, and I have post-it notes sticking out of it all over the book for quick retrieval of my favorite of her inspiring words, so when I need them I can find them quickly. I also gave a copy of her book to my 3 sisters, because there's so much help pouring out of those pages, and every woman (and man) should have a copy of it. If Carol was on your show it would help so many viewers, and I guarantee it would be a highly entertaining show~she is one of a kind!


Amy Kleinrock

Carol definitely deserves an interview with you, Ellen. Her book is inspiring to everyone who reads it.


Anahid Dinkjian

Besides her book being an inspiration to so many, you will find Carol Chatellier Kleinrock to be an absolutely beautiful soul, inside and out.


And, still a redhead, even after chemo... A MUST SEE!!!


Carol is FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY...You're audience will laugh til they cry.


Ellen - This will be a great interview... please consider it.


Lauri Austin

I've known Carol Chatellier Kleinrock since we were in elementary school together. We're still friends today, and her life, and the courageous, determined and upbeat way she has lived it, has been an inspiration to all of us who are lucky enough to call her a friend.


Her book: "it is what it is..." is a heartfelt, funny and enlightening recounting of her experience with a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.


Most importantly, Carol is bright, funny, articulate, cute and engaging and would make a fabulous guest on your show.


Samantha Lauren Kleinrock

Ellen, don't forget her birthday is on Halloween so you have less than a week to call her!


Carol Chatellier

ellen-if you need a copy of my book just let me know.....I would be more than happy to send it to you!! would be so excited to be on your show :)


Betty Anne Messina Martino

In September 136 NFL Alumni Cheerleaders, ranging from age 64 to age 25, reconnected to dance together again in order to raise $100,000 to fight breast cancer. Please help Team Ra Ras Kick Breast Cancer. Each time our decade dance is viewed, UnitedHealthcare will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Please share this link with your family and friends. LET'S KICK BREAST CANCER! Just click on the link below...




Brenda Reamy

@Betty Anne Messina Martino : I have shared your post and link on my facebook page (I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor!) and my sister has done the same. My sister's daughter (my Godchild!) is a 4th year nursing student at LaSalle University in Philly. She plans on becoming an oncology nurse because (in her words) 'oncology nurses took such good care of my aunt brenda and uncle eric, I want to return the favor'. I ♥ her!


Thanks for your outstanding fundraising efforts.

(And thanks for facebook friending my friend Carol Chatellier! Her book is amazing and should be read by all!)
I can't believe it has been over ONE YEAR since the book was published!  Carol's book has been VERY well received by both the community at large AND members of the medical community for its contribution to those battling cancer and those living with patients.
  Way to go, Carol! 
News: Part Deux
...this is BIG news:  Carol's book is now available in eBook format for the Nook and Kindle! 
Here are the links:
Amazon's Kindle Edition (click on the Amazon.com logo below)

Barnes and Noble's Nook Edition (click on the Barnes and Noble image below)


More BIG news!!

Check out the following review in The Newark Star Ledger:

it is what it is...beating
breast cancer using chemo, radiation and email
Carol Chatellier Kleinrock
Infinity Publishing.com, 216 pp., $13.95 paperback

"In May of 2005, I embarked on a long, strange journey," writes Kleinrock. What follows is about one page of the Succasunna woman’s writing, her e-mail to a friend about the mass in her uterus and lump in her breast, then the friend’s reply.

In fact, much of the book is replies, some inspiring, some not. "You are in my thoughts. Stay strong and be positive." For instance, chapter one contains that one page of copy, three of her e-mails and 34 replies.

Several chapters later, Kleinrock notes, "As you have gathered, I relied heavily on communication with my friends to get me through the trip I was on."

The average reader may find herself skipping among the replies. However, do not miss the periodic pieces in boldface type at the end of some chapters. These are called, "What to say or do when someone you know has cancer." And don’t miss the last chapter, "I believe."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Events coming up for you to check out:
Too late...you missed the last one!  Any upcoming book signing dates will be posted here ~ check back soon and check back often! 


Carol Chatellier Kleinrock of Succasunna, NJ has a degree from Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY. She gave up that world to be a full time mom back in 1988, a job she still enjoys every day. Carol was a busy wife and mom when cancer struck in 2005. She relied on her family and friends to keep her head above water and they didn’t let her down. She continued to work part time, volunteered for anything needed at the local high school and remained totally involved in her daughters’ lives. Today she is divorced, working full time, is happy and most importantly is cancer free.
In her own words:  My first published work is titled "it is what it is...beating breast cancer using chemo, radiation and email".  This book follows my journey through breast cancer from start to finish, through the highs and the lows.  I've tried to capture the candid, random thoughts of both myself and the people around me while going through chemo and radiation.  After starting an email chain my family and friends were informed, enlightened, amused and most importantly not afraid for me.  I can't say I enjoyed the experience, but I am totally enjoying the outcome!  If this book helps just one person face "the monster" with courage, humor and dignity it will be well worth the work.
To order copies of this book available in paperback, please contact Carol directly at clchatagain@aol.com
Copies are available for $13.95 each plus $5.00 s/h
ISBN 0-7414-5509-9
Copyright 2009


  Encouraging, informative AND funny...!  08/09/2009
Reviewer: Brenda  Reamy
As a breast cancer survivor (although I prefer the word 'thriver'!) myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Carol Chatellier Kleinrock is articulate, informative, uplifting and encouraging, all while maintaining her sense of humor. I would recommend this book to all recently diagnosed, current patients and fellow survivors/thrivers. Family members and friends of patients would also enjoy the author’s take on what to say/not say to anyone fighting this battle. In my opinion, purchasers of this book will not be disappointed!

  It Is What It Is  08/10/2009

Reviewer: Dawn
Even though I knew the outcome of this story, I could not put this book down. I was amazed at the candidness and personal sharing of the author. I laughed out loud, cried, laughed some more and cried some more. It is a true inspirational story for anyone going through cancer or any crises in their life. It shows you that if you stay strong and never give up, you will win. Friendship and prayer are strong healers and this book proves that. I recommend that EVERYONE read this book. It is what never giving up or giving in is all about.
  More than I expected!  08/10/2009
Reviewer: Nancy
This book amazed, impressed and inspired me. It was intense ~ funny ~ heart breaking ~ extremely readable ~ enlightening ~ and most of all IMPORTANT! Not exactly what I expected. I expected a book that told the story of one woman's fight with Breast Cancer and that it would be inspirational to women dealing with this diagnosis and treatment. I'm sure it IS that, but more - it is a book that MUST be read by women like myself who have NOT been faced with this monster first-hand but who have friends, family and co-workers who have, or may come to face this in the future. This is a lesson on how to support your friends. It is a Wake-Up call to those who are currently trying to be supportive but don't know how. It is a lesson to all women (and men) on how to BE a sisterhood (brotherhood) of friends and what that really means. This MUST be read by all young women, such as my daughter who will undoubtedly have friends and/or family members facing cancer in the future. What I DID expect, I got also. The author's story ~ told in her own words (and she does have a way with words) honors the reader with shared intimacy of the true emotional roller coaster of her one-year journey. That she could candidly share this with us, the readers, is truly an honor. I will share it with and recommend it to everyone I know. Carol's personality comes through so clearly that after the first chapter everyone who reads it will feel like they "know" her, love her, cry with her and cheer for her!
  Touching and Funny  08/11/2009
Reviewer: Jill

Kleinrock uses humor to tackle a tough subject. While the book deals with breast cancer, it provides great insight into how to approach any illness. It is touching and funny at the same time. It is also great to help others understand the process patients go through and is a great guide if you have a friend or loved one that you want to help and support. Easy and fun to read even though the subject matter is serious. Very positive!

  Very uplifting...  08/11/2009

Reviewer: Tari

It is a wonderful read. Carol has a way finding the humorous and positive in any situation. My sister is going through very much the same scenario, so this helped me to understand better what she may be experiencing and to perhaps be more helpful. Thank you Carol for a great book!
  a remarkable personal journey  08/11/2009
Reviewer: janet
it is not often that one gets the opportunity to share in anothers personal journey of fear, confusion, tears, laughter, and in the end triumph. carol takes you on this roller coaster ride and you get to sit right next to her. you will forget you are reading a book... you will feel like you are sitting talking to your best friend. her story and her strength will touch your heart. after reading this book... you will not be the same. there is heart and soul between those covers that you don't find very often and it should not be missed.
  Entertaining / Lifechanging  08/12/2009
Reviewer: Laura Moffett Myers
Carol Chatellier Kleinrock invites us to share tears of laughter AND heartache as she bares her innermost thoughts, hopes and especially her oversized sense of humor! Anyone who opens these pages will broaden their understanding of those who have had to face a medical crisis, and the strength that she shows in her journey is contagious. This is NOT a quick read, but then, it isn't meant to be. There are pages in this book that I will return to and reflect on in days to come ... Laura
  Reviewer: Irene 08/16/2009

Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Carol's sense of humor, bravery, and not being afraid to admit she was scared and cried sometimes proves that it's a hell ride that can be beat! Any woman going through this should read it and know that they aren't alone.

  Amazing & Touching , 08/17/2009
Reviewer: Kathy Ferris
I have known Carol for over 20 years and have always known she had an amazing zest for life. In her book she reveals all sides of her personality, parts I never knew existed. She is not only one of the strongest people I know but also one of the most sensitive and caring people I have ever met. She faced a demon, one all women dread and still found time for all the people in her life. She not only made everyone around her at ease, she was able to face this monster and know she would win. Any one facing cancer should read Carol's account of it and know "If she can do it I can, too". Families whose loved ones are facing this monster should also read Carol's book, as it is informative and will help them understand what their loved ones are going through. Bravo Carol, job well done.
  This book is like a life manual.... , 08/24/2009
Reviewer: Janet Finn Germinario

This book is like a life manual. Read it if you are looking for inspiration on how to approach life and its problems, how to deal with the day-to-day challenges that may come your way as a cancer patient, what to do for a loved one or friend who is battling with cancer, and how to remain strong and overcome huge obstacles in your life while spreading love and joy to others. One of the many things that makes this book so special, and so very effective, is how easy it is to read – as you read it, you feel like you are listening to a close sister or friend, it is so honest and clear and understandable. You get the entire story, the whole picture. Really, a must-read for all women, and for the men in their lives!

  Reviewer: 3rd Year Nursing Student  10/11/2009
I was surprised at how much I laughed when I read this book. Cancer is a topic that, if discussed at all, is usually done so with a "hush-hush," somber attitude. Kleinrock's down-to-earth, in-your-face, matter-of-fact approach to her journey with cancer allows the reader to learn that a patient HAS the disease but doesn't BECOME the disease. There is still a person inside the patient, a person with friends, family and-- as Kleinrock shows-- a great support system. As a nursing student who plans on going into oncology, I particularly enjoyed the "do's and dont's" of dealing with a cancer patient. Her writing brings a human voice to a very clinical subject and her journey from diagnosis to remission should be shared with anyone dealing with cancer.

NOTE:  Additional reviews can be found at the following website: