Eye-Tracking Study

February 2011. The newly acquired Tobii X120 Eye-tracker records precise eye movements as a participant engages in a visual perception task.  This amazing technology records, in both graphic and digital formats, the points of fixations, sequence and duration of fixations, number of "visits" to a specific location, and more.

My initial study is looking at scanning strategies of children at different ages and different ability levels.  The overall goal is to gain insight into what visual behaviors are associated with successful performance compared to poor performance on visual tasks.  In addition to visual scanning strategies, the study includes haptic scanning activities.  Haptic scanning may be an avenue to help children develop efficient and effective visual scanning strategies.  At this point we are establishing baseline measures of these behaviors.

Pictured here is a child participant in the eye-tracking study, and below is a graphic "heatmap" showing the amount of time the participant fixated on different areas of the stimulus before making her choice.