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Our orphanage CARN is situated in the Kirgizian town of Karakol.  The abbrevation CARN means: centre for adaptation and rehabilitation for minor children.

Children till the Age of 15
At this moment (2008) there are 12 children in the orphanage, 5 boys and 7 girls. Their age is between 2,5 years and 15 years. The children stay in our orphanage till the age of 14. 
The children in the orphanage learn from the age of 7 in the nearby school named  Pap-Put the Cat ( Кашка-Суу Кот), situated 2,5 km from our orphanage.

Later On
Between the age of 14 and 18 they stay in another institute, where they can learn professions like hairdresser, seamstress, carpenter or welder.

Our personnel consists of 3 persons and students volunteers. All the work done is on a voluntary base.