Team composition

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Research background is in carnivore population and behavioural ecology and current interests involve the application of these disciplines, using a combination of field ecological and molecular genetic techniques together with GIS and modelling approaches, to the science of conservation biology.

Current research topics are: effects of land management options particularly in cork oak ('montado') woodlands, invasive species, long-term monitoring and landscape genetics.


Luís M Rosalino - Post-Doc Researcher


Mónica Rodrigues - PhD student


Nuno Miguel Pedroso - PhD Student


Mafalda Basto - PhD Student



Leonor Almeida - PhD Student



                                               Research Grant-Holders:

 Paula Gonçalves
 Sandra Alcobia
 Diana Rodrigues
 Luciana  Simões

Teresa Sales-Luís 

    Former PhDStudents:

 Joaquim Pedro Ferreira
 Clara Grilo
 Teresa Sales-Luís

Former Master Students:

 Filipa Guilherme             (2009/2010)
 Guida Simões                 (2009/2010) 
 Sasha Vasconcelos       (2009/2010)
 Ana Catarina Silva         (2010/2011)
 André Silva                      (2010/2011)
 Duarte Mendes               (2010/2011)
 Fabiana Marques           (2010/2011)
 Susana Freire                 (2010/2011)

 Former Members:
Jacinta Mullins
Julien Goebel