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Board Resources

Business documents

Board Action Form  Use this editable PDF for intended action item consideration.

Festival production

About Festivals... Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

Community Event Planning Guide, City of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Place Making

Revitalization / Planning

Building Healthy Corridors.  Urban Land Institute.


Compliance Guidance

ABCs of Open Government  Institute for Local Government.

OPEN & PUBLIC V: A Guide to the Ralph M Brown Act (2016) League of California Cities

The People's Business: A Guide to the California Public Records Act (April 2017) League of California Cities

Governance & Best Practice

Rosenberg's Rules of Order: Simple Rules of Parliamentary Procedure for the 21st Century, Revised 2011 League of California Cities

Business Improvement Districts: Self-Help Downtown.  International Economic Development Council, 2011

Carmichael Economy & Demographics

Demographic Profile & Retail Study.  Brooks Erickson, September, 2018

Carmichael Visioning/Planning

Carmichael/Old Foothill Farms Community Planning Advisory Council - Environmental Planning and Review, County of Sacramento.

Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan, County of Sacramento, October 2011

Special Planning Area Ordinance for the Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan, County of Sacramento, October 2011

Fair Oaks Boulevard Concept Plan. Carmichael's Main Street, County of Sacramento, April 2006

Fair Oaks Boulevard Improvement Project, County o
f Sacramento Department of Transportation.