Past Negotiations

Fact-Finding 2015-2016:

CCEA Fact Finding Presentation  |  Video


2014-2015 Contract Ratification Presentation PPT

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Last Best Offers - Fact Finding 2013-2014

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Here are the last best offers from both sides.

Impact Calculator

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Download this calculator to see how the Administration's LBO will potentially affect you.  The file is available in microsoft excel and in numbers for mac.  Click the down-arrow to the right of the file name to download. 

99% of Carmel Teachers Agree...

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...that the district can, in fact, afford the teachers' proposed contract offer...WITH EASE.  
Here are a few reasons why:

1. It's already been budgeted.  Here are the budgets for this year AND last year.

2. Administration claims that the teachers' offer will put the district in "deficit financing".  This is not true and was just affirmed by the IEERB Board last month.  The truth is, the "Creative Accounting" is out of control.  Are the teachers of CCS as well as our educated community really supposed to believe that the monies allocated for power and light are accurate?  Even if every window in every school building was left open for a year...could our bills really jump almost $500k? Perhaps it's time for Budget Billing.

3. Support Staff received a well-deserved, hard-earned 6-9% raise over the past year 
(6% increase with step becomes 9%):

4. A large cash balance still remains:

Teachers also overwhelmingly agree that:
  • a salary schedule which fairly projects a teacher's expected earnings MUST be a part of any ratified deal
  • teachers must be in FULL control of the district's Catastrophic Bank.  These are teacher days and MUST be controlled by teachers
Fed up?  Do your part.  Email the Board - and let them know it's time to provide a fair and equitable contract to the teachers of Carmel.

Response to CCS Board Meeting - June 24th

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Dear Carmel Clay School Board,

The Teachers of Carmel would like to make sure that you remember that we haven't had an increase of any kind since August of 2011 either. We also find it disappointing that increment and salary schedule is being proposed to everyone BUT teachers. That brings the total raise for an Administrator to around 5% +, right? You should know that we totally support well-paid Administrators but continue to ask that you treat your Teachers with the same respect. Also, how many Administrators would share in the $100k Effective/Highly Effective money pool? 15? 20? 25? Could an Administrator really receive a 10%+ raise while Teachers are receiving nothing?

Lastly, when will the public be notified that class sizes in upper elementary are expected to jump to near 30 for the upcoming school year?

**from last night's Board Meeting Recap email...


Salary and Benefit Schedules Proposal for Support Staff, Administrators, Nurses, and Student Services Coordinators:

Eliminate Steps 1 & 2 on all Salary Schedules.

Provide a Short-Term Disability Policy for all employees eligible for insurance benefits and eliminate any references to catastrophic leave bank.

Provide a 1% retroactive schedule increase, plus an increment or equivalent for 2012-13, except Support Staff increase would be from 01/01/13 - 06/30/13. Support Staff increases will move from a calendar year to a fiscal year.

Provide a 1% schedule increase, plus increment or equivalent for all eligible employees for 2013-14.

Contribute $1,000 Single/$2,000 Family to a Health Savings Account for all employees who elect the High Deductible Insurance Plan effective 01/01/14 (provide a stipend equal to these amounts to those employees over 65 years old).

Provide a $100,000 bonus pool for Administrators rated Effective or Highly Effective for 2012-13.

Background: These employees have not received a salary increase since either July 1, 2011, or January 1, 2012. The proposed increases are less than half the average rate of inflation over the last 3 years.

ULP Decision

posted May 27, 2013, 9:08 AM by Carmel Clay Teachers

On May 15, 2013, Hearing Examiner Bernard L. Pylitt from the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (“IEERB”) issued a Decision in which he found that Carmel Clay Schools did not commit an unfair labor practice when school board members, the superintendent and several principals communicated with teachers over collective bargaining issues.  The Hearing Examiner held in part that there was not sufficient evidence of intent by Carmel Clay Schools to undermine or denigrate the Carmel Clay Education Association (“CCEA”) or intent to bypass the CCEA.  CCEA disagrees with the Hearing Examiner’s decision.

What’s next?  The Hearing Examiner made a “Recommended Order” to IEERB.  CCEA has until May 30, 2013, to challenge the Hearing Examiner’s Decision.  CCEA’s attorney is already at work on the appeal.  CCEA continues to believe that Carmel Clay Schools committed unfair labor practices and will continue to pursue this case through all legal channels.  At the same time, CCEA will remain open to further negotiations with Carmel Clay Schools in an attempt to get a fair contract that rewards you for all your hard work.

You deserve the best!

CCEA Bargaining Team

Unfair Labor Practice Closing Briefs

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"Closing" arguments submitted to the Hearing Officer in the ULP filed against CCS Administration.

Five Things To Know About The Carmel Clay Teacher Contract Negotiations

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Charges Filed, IEERB suspends Fact-Finding

posted Dec 5, 2012, 3:57 PM by Carmel Clay Teachers

Charges filed against Carmel administration and School Board

Carmel Clay Education Association filed an Unfair Labor Practice with the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board.

Carmel, December 5, 2012:  After mediation was unsuccessful, both the Carmel Clay Education Association and Carmel Clay School Board filed their “Last Best Offer” with the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (“IEERB”) on November 18th.  The Board’s Last Best Offer would: (1) eliminate the district’s 1% 403(b) retirement contribution, (2) provide no incentive for teacher’s to earn advanced degrees, (3) reduce compensation for many teachers at the middle and high school levels by 5%, and (4) increase the teacher work day without additional compensation.  The parties were scheduled to have a hearing before a “fact-finder” on Monday, December 10th at 5pm. 

Despite having rescinded and replaced all previous offers with this Last Best Offer, the School Board announced Monday night that another offer remained “on the table.”  In the Board’s words, “we made that offer because we thought doing so was in the best interest of teachers, our students, and the public.”

An Unfair Labor Practice complaint was filed alleging that School Board member Andrew Klein, Superintendent Jeff Swensson, and numerous building principals have been communicating directly with teachers regarding collective bargaining issues in violation of Indiana law.  The complaint alleges that these actions are being taken in an attempt to undermine the Carmel Clay Education Association’s bargaining rights and to interfere with teachers’ rights to participate in collective bargaining through representatives of their own choosing as guaranteed by Indiana law.

On December 4, 2012 the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board granted a request from the Carmel Clay Education Association for an emergency hearing regarding the conduct of the Carmel administration and School Board and a request to suspend the “fact-finding” process until such time as the hearing can be held.  This hearing is currently scheduled for Friday, December 14th at 1pm.

Teachers believe the administration’s actions are egregious and are outraged.  A demonstration is planned for today at 3:30pm.  Over a hundred teachers will be lining Main Street from Carmel High School to downtown Carmel.   Carmel Clay teachers remain as the only teachers in the state without a contract for this school year and are compensated near the bottom of Hamilton County school districts.  The Carmel Clay Education Association represents teachers employed under contract by Carmel Clay Schools.


Is it really against statute?

posted Nov 24, 2012, 5:07 AM by Carmel Clay Teachers

Isn't it interesting that the same items that our Administration claims are "no longer negotiable according to statute" are still being bargained into contracts elsewhere in the state?  Take South Bend Community Schools, for example.  They have association president release (as do our neighboring districts in Hamilton County) and numerous other leaves bargained into their contract at a penny each.  Is this creative?  Absolutely!  Is it illegal or against state law?  Apparently other attorneys at FBD don't think so - the same law firm that the Carmel Administration uses.  Well, one of them.  The other main attorney the Administration uses also serves Dr. Tony Bennett.  So how do multiple attorneys from the same office, bargaining in different districts, see things so differently?  Don't take our word for it, though.  Check out South Bend's new contract below.

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