Welcome to the Gospel of Mark, a course that explores the English Text using a variety of hermeneutical methods. The primary method taught is Narrative criticism, but this course also explores classic methods such as Form, Redaction, and Source criticisms as well as newer methods such as Reader-response, Feminist, Social-scientific, and Postcolonial criticisms. Our primiary text is Mark and Method.

Course Syllabus                    Full Notes (password protected)

Mark 1:1-4:34

Class 1 Mk 1-4 Introduction_L.pdf
Class 2 Mk 1-4 Characters_L.pdf

Mark 4:35-8:21

Class 3 Mk 4-8 Settings_L.pdf
Class 4 Mk 4-8 Feminist_L.pdf

Mark 8:22-10:52

Class 5 Mk 8-10 BibleStudies_L.pdf
Class 6 Mk 8-10 ReaderResp_L.pdf

Mark 11:1-13:37

Class 7 Mk 11-13 Plot_L.pdf
Class 8 Mk 11-13 Socialscience_L.pdf

Mark 14:1-16:8

Class 9 Mk 14-16 Postcolonial_L.pdf
Class 10 Mk 14-16 Conclusion_L.pdf

Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam student questions.doc