Geography & Chronology of the Bible

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Welcome to Shepherd University's BT450: Geography & Chronology of the Bible. Below you will find useful links relating to this class as well as the class notes to be downloaded. The class notes are copyright protected, so you must obtain Dr. Toney's permission for use. The notes have a password, which must be obtained from Dr. Toney. Enjoy!  Class Syllabus: BT450 Spring 2011.pdf

Dr. Carl Toney

Class Outline

1. Introduction & Canon

Class 1 Notes (password protected pdf)

2. Agriculture & Geography

Class 2 Notes (password protected pdf)

3. Genesis & Primeval History

Class 3_Notes (password protected pdf)

4. Ancestors & Mesopotamia

  Class 4 Notes (password protected pdf)

5. Exodus & Egypt

Class 5 Notes (password protected pdf)

6. Photo project

7. Sinai Covenant

Class 7 Notes: Sinai (Korean trans) (password pdf)

8. Midterm

Class 8: Midterm Study Guide (Korean trans) (password pdf)
Note: Midterm has been moved to Week 9.

9. Settlement

Note: Settlement was moved to Week 8
Class 9 Notes: Settlement_(Korean trans) (password pdf)

10. Monarchy

Class 10 Notes: Monarchy (Korean trans) (password pdf)

11. Exile/Return & Assyria, Babylon, Persia

Class 11 Notes: Exile (password_pdf)

12. Passover Project

Class 12 Notes: Passover_(password pdf)

13. Intertestament History & Greeks

Class 13 Notes: Intertestament History (password pdf)

14. Second Temple Backgrounds & Romans

Class 14 Notes: Interestament Backgrounds (password pdf)

15. Review

Class 15 Notes: Final Exam Study Guide (Korean & English pdf)

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