Welcome to Gospels at Shepherd University. Below you will find links to class notes and other documents. The class notes are password protected, and you'll need to email the instructor for the password.

BL611_814 Syllabus Spring 2011 pdf

1. Introduction

Class 1 Notes Introduction (password protected pdf)

2-3. Gospel of Mark

Class 2 Notes: Mark pt1 (password protected pdf)
Class 3 Notes: Mark pt2_(password protected pdf)

4. Miracles

Class 4 Notes: Miracles (password protected pdf)

5-6. Gospel of Matthew

Class 5 Notes: Matt pt1_(password protected pdf)
Class 6 Notes: Matt pt2_(password protected pdf)

7. Titles of Jesus

Class 7 Notes: Titles (password pdf)
IXOYE = Ichthus, which means "fish" in Greek. The following Greek acronym
  • I = Iesus = Jesus
  • X = Christos = Christ
  • O = Theos = God's
  • Y = Hyios = Son
  • E = Soter = Savior

8. Midterm

Class 8: Midterm_Study Guide (password pdf) (English)
          Midterm Study Guide (password pdf) (Korean)

9-10. Gospel of Luke

Class 9 Notes: Luke pt1_(password pdf)
Class 10 Notes: Luke pt2_(with Korean translation) (password pdf)

11. Parables

Class 11 Notes: Parables_(password pdf)

12-13. Gospel of John

Class 12 Notes John pt1_(password pdf)

14. Non-Canonical Gospels

Class 14 Notes: Non-canonical Gospels (password pdf)

15. Historical Jesus

Class 15 Notes: Historical Jesus (password pdf)

16. Final Exam

Here is the study guide for the final:

Class 16 Final Exam Study Guide (Korean & English pdf)