Pegs & Jokers

Pegs & Jokers : the board game! Hours of fun for 3 to 6 people!
If you're not already familiar with Pegs & Jokers, the board game, you will quickly become addicted!  You can see a version of the rules on this site: (  - note: this is NOT MY site).  
These home-made board games often cost much more than $60 per set but I'm only asking $45 per set (for up to 6 people).  Each set is hand crafted in my work-shop.  Each set comes with all the pegs and it's own hand-crafted wooden storage box as well.  All you need is regular playing cards. This is a game of strategy.  Simliar to the game of "Sorry" but more complex and much more interesting. 
Play it once and you'll love it!