Waking up
After four hours of surgery, I awoke in the ICU. My doctors said my first words were "Thank you for not killing me" (although I don't remember that)

Surgical Transplant Floor
After I was cleared from Intensive Care I was give a private room on a complete different floor from my sisters recovery room. 

Pain Management 

For the next three days after surgery I was given medication that I could self-administer...
Then I was switched to an oral narcotic for the remainder of my recovery.

24/7 Urine Analysis 
To make sure my remainder kidney was still functioning properly, my urine intake and output was recorded via Foley. 

Breathing Treatment
Due to my asthma condition I was given a breathing treatment ever 3 hours so risk of an asthma attack was eliminated.
For the next 4 days I was given Sodium Chloride intravenously and placed on a liquid diet. No food for five whole days!

Remainder Recovery
The day after surgery I got out of bed and walked around, my first stop was the 10th floor where the transplant recipients are treated. Slowly but surely I made it with no problems. My sister on the other hand took a few days before she was able to move out of bed. 
 -By day 4 I was ready to go home! My sister had to stay an extra 2 days; we both had a perfect recovery. 

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I've never seen those photos!  I love you!

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