Research Appeal: 1st Engineer Special Brigade Memorials

Appeal For Further Information
on the 1st Engineer Special Brigade
its memorials, units and men who served in the brigade

A list of those named on these memorials,
first published in Carl's book Utah Beach & Ste Mere Eglise in 2001 & 2006
can be found here

Details, additional information and photographs are sought for any of the following:

  • Any individuals mentioned and commemorated on this website.
  • Any individuals who may have accidentally been omitted from this website.
  • The original and subsequent temporary wooden road marker memorials.
  • memories, diaries photographs or recollections from veterans who landed on UTAH Beach.
  • headstones and memorials of the fallen that are located in the USA.
  • memorials to any of the units, on this website, located in the USA.
  • Information about any of the units, under the command of the 1st ESB, mentioned on this website.

Please forward any information, or photographs by email to Carl Shilleto at:

Please add the words '1 ESB' in the subject line of your email.

Any further information or photographs about any of the individuals mentioned on this website will be most appreciated.
Only through your help can we ensure the memory of the sacrifices of those young men will be preserved for posterity.

All contributors of information and, or photographs will be duly credited and acknowledged on this website
and also, where applicable, on the Fallen Heroes of Normandy website: