VII Corps, 82nd & 101st Airborne Division in Normandy

Published 2001, reprinted 2006
Pen & Sword Books Ltd. UK
ISBN: 0 85052 736 8 
Casemate Publishing
ISBN: 9780850527360

Paperback, 176 pages, 150+ photographs & illustrations,  11 maps.
Dimensions:  216 x 135 mm, 249 grams

Price:£10.99  (€13.99)

This major addition to the Battleground WW2 Series covers the US airborne and seaborne landings on the Cotentin Peninsula on D-Day 6 June 1944. It tells a dramatic story of near disastrous drops by the U.S 101st (The Screaming Eagles) and 82nd (The All American) Airborne Divisions and how they gallantly regrouped and gained their objectives at St Mere Eglise and Carentan. Meanwhile the 4th U.S Infantry Division were the first American seaborne troops to land (at Utah) followed closely by the 90th Infantry Division.

This book graphically describes how these divisions eventually linkedup and succeeded in cutting off the vital port of Cherbourg.The book also describes the 'big picture' leading up to D-Day and is particularly interesting in its revelations about the notorious 'Operation Tiger' when over 700 American troops died during training.

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