American, British and Canadian Airborne Forces

Published 2004
Spellmount UK
ISBN: 1 86227 249 2 
ISBN: 978-1862272491

Hardcover, 200 pages, 30+ photographs & illustrations,  10 maps.



This book offers a fresh perspective on the contribution made by American, British and Canadian airborne forces during the opening phase of the Normandy campaign during 1944 - for the first time, Commonwealth and American airborne combat effectiveness is considered within the context of the greatest combined operation of WWII. A comprehensive breakdown of the American, British and often forgotten Canadian airborne assault forces, their designated drop-zones, D-Day objectives, UK departure areas and supporting air forces. The importance of the complexity of airborne operations is put into context against the backdrop of the D-Day invasion of 6 June 1944 including diversionary and SAS operations. The use of eyewitness accounts, interwoven with a detailed study of how the paratroopers and glider-borne soldiers actually achieved their D-Day objectives, is presented in an exciting and compelling narrative that will suit both general readers and historians alike. The author considers and assesses the effectiveness of the three-national airborne assault and reveals the success and failings of American and Commonwealth airborne assault in Normandy.

Detailed appendices provide a comprehensive listing of Orders of Battle, key personalities, casualties, recommended tours of battlefields, places of interest to visit, organisations and an up-to-date bibliography of airborne forces in Normandy literature.

Please note that contrary to the many advertisements, on various websites, that this book is available for sale. This book is not presently in print or available for sale.