Private & Group Normandy Battlefield Tours

Due to other work, project and volunteering commitments,
Carl is only available, for a few selected dates, in 2020 & 2021.

Please read the detail below and contact Carl @

Carl is available as a battlefield guide for a limited number of private battlefield tours, around Normandy, each year. These can be for small groups, schools, cruise ship or independent coach operators that wish to add the experience and knowledge of a qualified and published military historian to their tour around the battlefields.

The Normandy landing beaches stretch for some 50 miles so it is recommended that anyone organising a tour should allocate at least two days just for the tour around the battlefields (not including the time needed to travel to and from Normandy). It is usual, unless travel for all the group is from an area close to the UK south coast ports, that a full day is allocated for travel each way to and from Normandy.

Whatever the length of tour required, Carl will provide a detailed itinerary, adapted to best suit the interests and requirements of the group he is escorting.

Carl's services include the development, writing and conducting of a bespoke battlefield tour itinerary. This also includes the providing of suitable maps, photographs and visual media for the duration of the tour, and the arrangement of any relevant museum visits that are deemed suitable for any particular group.

For further information and details of fees, please forward the following information to
  • Group size
  • The group's tour transport for travel around the battlefields (i.e. coach, minibus or car).
  • Details and location of the accommodation the group will, or intend to use.
  • Length of battlefield tour required.
  • Dates of travel
  • Age range of group (and whether children or Second World War veterans are to be part of the tour). 
  • Special interests or requests of any, or all, group members (i.e cemetery visits, memorials, etc., etc.).
Advice can also be provided for large groups that wish to have all accommodation and travel arrangements (by coach from the UK) made for them. 
Please note that Carl does not provide transport as part of his service.

This page was last updated January 2020