Carl Eichenlaub

Boat builder, great sailor, musician, train enthusiast, Blue Bird owner and story teller extraordinaire

Carl inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame!

About 10 years ago Ted Livingston who went way back with Carl (he was in the Junior program with Carl at MBYC!) started collecting Carl stories. I sent a story or two to him at thetime. A few years later he contacted me and said he was getting up in years and didn't think he'd be able to do anything with what he'd gathered and ended up sending everything to me. I searched around the internet and added some more stories at the time. I've tried to sort them a bit under the heading on the left but there's a lot that's missing. A good place to start is with "Ted's notes on Carl" which was his presentation on why Carl should receive the Herreshoff award. If you have some stories (and everyone does!) and you'd like to share please send them to me. Mark Reynolds

Rowena: I took on board the original Cadenza when we were on our way up the coast to the Big Boat series in 1978. This is our first day out and landfall at Catalina.