Carlos Olarte

I'm professor at ECT UFRN, Natal (Brazil) and  CNPq Researcher (Bolsista de Produtividade em Pesquisa do CNPq - Nível 2, Ciências da Computação 2016-2019).
My research interests are logic, concurrent constraint programming and process calculi.

I'm also member of the AVISPA research group.
Here my CV in PDF and CNPq-lattes.

email: carlos.olarte at 

  • EPIC: EPistemic Interactive Concurrency. STIC-AmSud Project. In collaboration with INRIA and Universidad Javeriana Cali. 2017.
  • CNPq Bolsa de Produtividade (2016-2019): Modalidades em Concorrência: Fundamentos e aplicações em Bio-informática e Computação Orientada a Serviços
  • MUSICAL: Music and spatial interaction with constraints, algebra and logic: foundations and applications.
  • CNPq Universal 2014: Sistemas interativos e programação concorrente por restrições: fundamentação e aplicações em multimedia.

PC Committees 
  • 2nd Brazilian School on Formal Methods and Computational Theory - ETMF2017.
  • Recent Advances in Concurrency and Logic - RADICAL'17.
  • Dynamic Logic: new trends and applications DaLi17.
  • I Workshop Escola de Inverno em Teoria da Computação WEITC2017.
  • Escola de Informática Teórica e Métodos Formais ETFM'16.
  • Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation, LOPSTR 2015.
  • CSP track of SAC 2015
    • Hybrid Linear Logic, revisited (with Kaustuv Chaudhuri, Joelle Despeyroux and Elaine Pimentel). Submitted to MSCS (PDF). 
    Recently Accepted Papers 
    • Mechanizing Linear Logic in Coq (with Bruno Xavier, Giselle Reis and Vivek Nigam). To appear in Proc. of  LSFA'17 (PDF). Proofs in Coq are available here
    • On subexponentials, focusing and modalities in concurrent systems (with Vivek Nigam and Elaine Pimentel). To appear in Theoretical Computer Science
    • On concurrent behaviors and focusing in linear logic (with Elaine Pimentel). Theoretical Computer Science (685). (Technical Report version). 
    • A unified view of modal and substructural logics (with Elaine Pimentel and Björn Lellmann). Accepted in LPAR-21 (2017) (PDF). The implementation of the system can be found here.
    • Symbolic semantics for multiparty interactions in the link-calculus (with Linda Brodo). To appear in SOFSEM'16. The implementation of the symbolic semantics is available here. The technical report is here
    • Slicing Concurrent Constraint Programs (with Moreno Falaschi, Maurizio Gabbrielli and Catuscia Palamidessi). Accepted in LOPSTR'16 (arXiv version). The implementation of the slicer in Maude can be found here
    • Hybrid and Subexponential Linear Logics (with Joëlle Despeyroux and Elaine Pimentel). In  LSFA'16. (arXiv version of the technical report)
    • From cut-free calculi to automated deduction: the case of bounded contraction (with Agata Ciabattoni, Björn Lellmann and Elaine Pimentel). In LSFA'16(Technical Report Version). The provers proposed in this paper are available here
    • A proof theoretic view of spatial and temporal dependencies in biochemical systems. Theoretical Computer Science. (Technical Report). 
    • Session Types for Communicating Systems in Event-B. In SAC'16

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