Carlos Olarte

I'm professor at ECT UFRN, Natal (Brazil) and CNPq Researcher (Bolsista de Produtividade em Pesquisa do CNPq 2019-2021).

My research interests are logic, formal methods and concurrency theory.

I'm also member of the AVISPA research group.

Here my CV in PDF and CNPq-lattes.

email: carlos.olarte at


My list of publications is available in DBLP and ORCID. Some pre-printed version are available here.

Recently Accepted Papers

  • An Assertion language for slicing Constraint Logic Languages (with M. Falaschi). In LOPSTR'18 (arXiv version). Companion tool.
  • A Logical Framework for Modelling Breast Cancer Progression (with J. Despeyroux, A. Felty and P. Lio). Coq's code is available here.
  • The ILLTP Library for Intuitionistic Linear Logic (with V. de Paiva, E. Pimentel and G. Reis) (PDF). In Linearity & TLLA. The prover is available here and the benchmarks here.
  • Proving Structural Properties of Sequent Systems in Rewriting Logic (with E. Pimentel and C. Rocha) (PDF). In WRLA'18. Companion tool here.
  • A Concurrent Constraint Programming Interpretation of Access Permissions (with E. Pimentel and C. Rueda). In TPLP (18). (arXiv version).


  • Verification techniques for a network algebra (with L. Brodo). Submitted to Fundamenta Informaticae. (PDF). Companion tool SiLVer.
  • Dynamic slicing for Concurrent Constraint Languages (with M. Falaschi, M. Gabbrielli and C. Palamidessi) (PDF). Submitted to Fundamenta Informaticae.
  • Hybrid Linear Logic, revisited (with K. Chaudhuri, J. Despeyroux and E. Pimentel). Submitted to MSCS (PDF).



  • CNPq Bolsa de Produtividade (2019-2022): LOGOCOSMICS: LOgica, joGOs e Cálculos de prOcessos para Sistemas ModaIs ConcorrenteS
  • CNPq Projeto Universal (2019-2022): Sistemas concorrentes: semântica, provas e modelos declarativos.
  • EPIC: EPistemic Interactive Concurrency. STIC-AmSud Project. In collaboration with INRIA and Universidad Javeriana Cali. 2017.

PC Committees

  • 35th International Conference on Logic Programming ICLP'19.
  • 27th International Conference on Automated Deduction CADE'27.
  • I'm co-chair of LSFA'18.
  • Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages: Theory and Practice - LFMTP'18.
  • 5th Workshop on Horn Clauses for Verification and Synthesis - HCVS'18.