friends collaborators

With my bosom buddy Lindsay Kemp. A souvenir photo as we watched a Variety Show 

at the legendary Teatre Arnau in Barcelona. We lived during some spirited and 

fertile years in the 80s in neighbouring flats at the Plaza Real in the Gothic Quarter.



Alfredo Cordal (right), with Chilean friend. Journalist, poet, playwright and my great inspirator 

since the day I was born. My mother's younger brother, Alfredo lives in London since the 70's 

having escaped the Chilean military coup,  reciting his poetry and having his plays staged 

in various fringe venues, having become an iconic champion of subcultural 

(and protest) movements in the UK.


A (worn-out) photo of  the late Jack Birkett, a.k.a. "The Incredible Orlando" as Kemp baptized him, 
being made-up by Lindsay (his hand in foreground) as Herodias in Salomé. 
A most unique blind clown, dancer, torch singer and thespian extraordinaire.


Norman Morrice, dancer and choreographer, artistic director of the Ballet Rambert 
and later of The Royal Ballet; he was above all a great artistic guide 
also a teacher and talent scout of so many young artists. 
He was the one to convince Marie Rambert (during one of their daily 
promenades in Holland Park which had historical consequences) 
to turn her company into a progressive group, keeping abreast 
with the new, modern dance trends of the times. 

Norman was until his death in 2008 a cherished lifelong friend and collaborator.

photo by Astrid Zydower

A young Norman

Quite a few years later, at my house in Andalusia, listening to Mahler's Kindertotenlieder.


Film director Celestino Coronado during the shooting of "The Lindsay Kemp Circus" (1973), 

standing between Jack (Orlando) and a friend. Celestino lived in a basement flat 

in 16a Brechin Place, South Kengsington, for decades: a home of 

inspiration, dissipation and cascades of creative flow.

The salon at Brechin Place


François Testory, dancer, singer, actor, with whom I have worked and shared so many stages for decades.


Atilio Lopez, as 'Notre Dame' in Kemp's Jean Genet inspired piece "Flowers". 

Born in Brazil, Atilio and I had that special bond of fraternity and affection. 

He was a very rare, multifaceted talent and the most beautiful of all clowns. 

His premature death was a tragic loss.


Cesc Gelabert and Lydia Azzopardi posing in my Barcelona flat.

Lydia had already choreographed 'The Amazons' for our original production of 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Rome, 1977. We later worked together 

many times within the Gelabert-Azzopardi Dance Company.


During the Gulbenkian Foundation's International Summer Courses for Choreographers 

and Composers at Surrey University, UK . I was part of the faculty as musical director:  

here with Christopher Bruce as dance director in 1984.......

... and with Norman Morrice as dance director in 1985. So many young talents then, 
now established  professionals!


Nuria Espert with daughters Nuria and Alicia, all three very dear friends and collaborators. 
The photos were taken in 1966 when the girls were little. 

Apart from my various collaborations with Nuria, mother, I have worked together 
with Nuria, daughter (Nurita), for many years, as she has been a main performer 
in the Lindsay Kemp Co. Her sister Alicia has been the organizer 
of many of our Kemp tours in Spain and  she was executive 
producer of our "Cinderella".


Marco Berriel, Uruguayan dancer and choreographer, a close friend and collaborator. 

After dancing in Maurice Bejart's company he played principal roles in various 

Kemp spectacles, danced in Joaquín Cortés' company and in his own spectacles.


Christopher Bruce and I during his recent visit to my Andalusian country estate.


A rare photo of Bob Smith caught in beautiful midair 'Graham' pose being applauded

 by Robert Cohan, then Artistic Director of London Contemporary Dance Theatre.  

Bob Smith later  joined the Ballet Rambert where we became friends and worked 

together for years. He created the role of "The Director" in "The Parades Gone By". 


With Quentin Williams, long time friend and personal representative. 

A usual set-up: sitting together in a recording studio, this time at Pinewood Studios.


Zoltan Imre, Hungarian dancer, choreographer and friend. 

We worked together in Ballet Rambert in the 70s, later he choreographed 

several shows with my music like Alfredo Cordal's "Smoking Mirror" 

and Lindsay Kemp's "The Big Parade" and "Variété". 

Another cherished friend and great artist gone prematurely. 


Author and Hispanist Ian Gibson with nephew in my Granada country estate 

near which he used to live. Gibson, a champion of García Lorca, had already 

assisted us with valuable newspaper material from the Spanish Civil War 

for our piece "Duende". We later became friends and neighbours.