I was babtised into the cinema world by Pier Paolo Pasolini 

working as assistant AD (uncredited) in his film "Teorema" (1967) 

"Teorema" (Pasolini, 1967) Andrés José Cruz Soublette as The Son
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A scene from "Teorema" with Andrés José Cruz Soublette as 'The Son'. 

Andrés and I had travelled together to Europe from our native Chile. 


"Hamlet" (Celestino Coronado, 1976)

I remember visiting Celestino at the Royal College of Art and entering a room where a VHS tape (of the final cut) was being projected on the wall as a 16mm camera was being prepared to film... the wall. It was his endd of term project, made on a shoestring but with a lot of youthful boldness and imagination. He sought the collaboration of established Shakesperean actors Helen Mirren and Barry Staunton, the flamboyant oddity Quentin Crisp, movie actor Vladek Sheybal and his friends and budding actors/twins Anthony and David Meyer. For the music we experimented too: there were gongs being beaten while being immersed in water tubs and vocal lines from the actors being processed variously.

frame from Hamlet (C.Coronado)

Anthony Meyer, Helen Mirren, David Meyer

    David Meyer, Helen Mirren

Celestino Coronado, Helen Mirren


"A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Celestino Coronado, 1984)

Sponsored by Spanish Television (TVE) and coproduced by his own English company Cabochon, Coronado filmed a version of our famous stage show in 1984. To render elements of animation films we decided to dub the voices of certain characters as Titania's, played famously onstage by The Incredible Orlando, now dubbed by British soprano de Charlotte de Rothschild. Originally intended for Spanish television, it was given a British theatrical release after it's London Film Festival premiere.

François Testory

François Testory as The Changelling Boy

Lindsay Kemp as Puck

Lindsay Kemp as Puck

Manuela Vargas as Hippolyta       enlarge        
Famed flamenco dancer Manuela Vargas as Hippolyta

Dream film, finale


Félix Rotaeta


"El Placer de Matar" (Felix Rotaeta, 1987)

When Spanish stage, film actor and novelist Félix Rotaeta was asked to direct a movie version of his own novel "Las Pistolas" in 1987, he asked me to write the music and we began a short, fruitful collaboration which ended with his sudden death in 1994 after having worked together in 2 1/2 of his films as director. The movie has become a sort of cult, specially with fans of the young co-protagonist Antonio Banderas.

                                    "EL Placer de Matar" Antonio Banderas


"Chatarra" (Felix Rotaeta, 1991)

Rotaeta wrote an original script for his next full-length film, "Chatarra", with my music, asking longtime friend Carmen Maura to star in it, with actor/director Mario Gas. And Carmen sure gave us a very fine 'star' performance.

"Chatarra" Carmen Maura, Mario Gas

Carmen Maura and Mario Gas

"Chatarra" Rosario Flores, Carmen Maura

Rosario Flores and Carmen Maura


"GaudÌ"  (Manuel Huerga, 1988)

Spanish film maker Manuel Huerga finished post production on his mockumentary on famed architect Antoni GaudÌ (co-produced by La 7, France) when his French co-producers asked him to remove and replace the music soundtrack written by a British composer. So... Huerga asked me to replace the rejected score with my own (we had worked together in the Barcelona Olympics, as he directed the opening and closing ceremonies) and I had to compose and fit my music within the already cut film.

"Gaudì" joven Gaudì

    "Gaudì" Tempestad

"Gaudì" Parc de la Ciutadella   

  "Gaudì" gárgola


My work in movies has been extended in the last years as actor, a mature-looking guy willing to play supporting parts in some British/American/Spanish co-productions, among which Luis Llosa's "The Feast of the Goat" (2005) and Milos Forman's Goya's Ghost (2006).

"Goya's Ghosts" Javier Bardem, Julian Wadham, Carlos Miranda

A still from "Goya's Ghosts" in a scene shot in the Prado Museum
Javier Bardem, Julian Wadham, Carlos Miranda.

Carlos Miranda photo by Manuel de los Galanes
A Connery-like portrait, to entice casting directors