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    2. Office Hours Reservation System (via YouCanBook.me) 
    3. Feedback Report and Simple Peer Review (via GoogleForms)
    4. Student peer evaluations/feedback  (via TEAMMATES)  [Teacher Tutorial]
    5. Online Discussion Forum (via PIAZZA)  [Tutorial]
    6. Online Discussion Forum (via SLACK) [Why] [Student Tutorial] [Guides]
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    10. Interactive Games (via ECONGAMES) and (via Veconlab) 
    11. Collaborative Reading/Web Annotation (via HYPOTHES.IS) [Tutorial1] [Tutorial 2]
    12. Collaborative Video Annotation (via VIALOGUES)  [Tutorial
    13. Collaborative Writing (via WIKISPACES) [Teacher Tutorial] [Student Tutorial]
    14. Collaborative Whiteboard 1 (via PADLET) [Teacher Tutorial[Ways to use it]
    15. Collaborative Whiteboard 2 (via GOOGLEDocs)   [Short Tutorial] [Tutorial] [Longer Tutorial]  [Full Tutorial
    16. Collaborative Project Management (via TRELLO) [Tutorial]
    17. Collaborative  Research (via Open Research Framework)  [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
    18. Modern Image Capturing (via MONOSNAP)  [Tutorial]
    19. Modern Communication (via ADOBEspark)  [Social Graphics Tutorial] [Web Stories Tutorial] [Animated Videos Tutorial]
    20. Modern Note Taking/Collecting  (via EVERNOTE) [Overview] [Tutorial]
    21. Modern PDF Reading (via MARGINNOTE) [Overview] [Tutorial


     Teaching Assistant
    • Public Policy and Management, Universidad Católica Boliviana,  Fall 2008
    • Project Evaluation and Management, Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2008-2009
    • Organizational Behavior, Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2006-2009
    • Intermediate Microeconomics II, Universidad Católica Boliviana, Spring 2007
    • Intermediate Microeconomics I, Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2006-2009
    • Technology and Operations Management I and II , Universidad Católica Boliviana, Spring 2007
    • Managerial Decisions and Cost Accounting, Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2005-2006
    • Introduction to Macroeconomics, Universidad Católica Boliviana, Fall 2006
    • Introduction to Economics , Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2005-2006 , Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2005-2006
    • Introduction to Management , Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2005-2006
    • Development Microeconomics,  Nagoya University,  2012-2014
    • Development Macroeconomics, Nagoya University, 2012-2014
    • Advanced Microeconomics, Nagoya University,  2013  

    • Topics in Economic Growth and Productivity (Workshop), Nagoya University, Summer 2013
    • Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics (Workshop), Nagoya University, Winter 2013
    • Culture, Language and Social Problems in Latin America, Sasaki International Academy, 2012
    • Lights and Shadows of Developing Countries in Latin America, Nanzan  University, 2011-
    • Spanish Language , Nagoya University, 2009-2011
    • Project Evaluation Methods for Local Government Officials, FOCAM-Bolivia, 2008