Peer-Reviewed Articles
Book Chapters
Working Papers
  • Distribution Dynamics Beyond GDP
  • Human Development and Distributional Convergence: Evidence from the Metropolitan Regions of Bolivia
  • Aggregate Productivity and Structural Change: A Distribution Dynamics Perspective
  • Labor Productivity Dynamics and Regional Convergence: Evidence From Japan 1972-2009 (with Wataru Nozawa and Shunsuke Managi, Kyushu University )
  • Distribution Dynamics and Convergence Clubs: Evidence From Peru 1970-2010 (with Augusto Delgado, Kyushu University)
  • On the Distribution Dynamics of Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from Brazilian Manufacturing Firms (with Erick Gonzales, Kobe University )

 Theses and Dissertation
  • Essays on Aggregate Productivity, Structural Change, and Resource Misallocation.  Nagoya University, 2015. (Doctoral dissertation in  International Development)
  • On the Determinants of Bolivia's Economic Growth: Productivity and Institutional Puzzles.  Nagoya University, 2012. (Master thesis  in International Development)
  • The Relative Importance of the Industry Forces and Firm Resources on Performance: An Empirical Examination for the Biggest Firms in Bolivia.   Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2008. (Undergraduate thesis  in Commercial Engineering)

Other Writings
  • Handicraft Value Chain and Global Promotion of Yogyakarta Indonesia: Constraints and Opportunities
  • Multicultural Coexistence in Hamamatsu: Reality and Challenges 
  • Some Issues in Development Economics: Growth,Market Forces and The Japanese Experience
  • On the Bolivian Microfoundations of Growth: Productivity and Competitiveness
  • The Macroeconomic Structure of Chile: A Very Short Introduction
  • Productive Investment Complementarities across Local  and Regional Governments in Bolivia (In Spanish) 
  • The Economics of Discrimination and Human Capital Investment: A Case for Chile (In Spanish)
  • Understanding the 'Work-Family-Enrichment' effect in Chile. (In Spanish)