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Legislative Institutions

Procedural Choice in Majoritarian Organizations with Daniel Diermeier and Razvan Vlaicu
  American Journal of Political Science, 2015, 54(4): 866-879

A Bargaining Model of Endogenous Procedures with Daniel Diermeier and Razvan Vlaicu
  Social Choice and Welfare, 2016, 47(4) 985–1012

  Games and Economic Behavior, 2016 98: 34-55

Legislative Representation in Flexible-List 
Electoral Systems
 with Peter Buisseret
[Draft coming soon]

Party Nomination Strategies in Closed and Flexible List PR with Peter Buisseret, Olle Folke, and Johanna Rickne
[Draft coming soon]

Self-Enforcing Partisan Procedures with Daniel Diermeier and Razvan Vlaicu

Electoral Institutions

  American Journal of Political Science, 2016, 60(3): 726-737
  Working Paper Version - Supplemental Appendix  -  Additional Proofs  -  Extensions

  Forthcoming, Political Science Research and Methods
  Supplemental Appendix -  Replication material -  Data construction material - Blog post

  Forthcoming, Journal of Politics

  Forthcoming, European Journal of Political Economy

Candidate Entry in the Wake of an Incumbent Performance Transparency Initiative with Guy Grossman and Kristin Michelitch
[Draft coming soon]

Outside Spending in Elections