Florentine Apocalypses, a collection of 24 dystopian science fiction, climate fiction and uchronia (alternate history), set in Florence, speaks to us of urban and environmental fragility: our planet is increasingly at risk. Demographic and social tensions, an uncontrolled climate, the loss of biodiversity, technologies with unpredictable effects, deforestation, air and water pollution, alienating jobs undermine our world. The existence of a single city is even more fragile.

"Florentine Apocalypses", often with irony, sometimes in a surreal way, tells how Florence, in the past, risked disappearing and how, in the future, it could find itself ceasing to exist.

Will Florence, so tied to its past, be able to prepare for the future? It takes little to change the course of history, it takes little to destroy what has been created. It is up to all of us to avoid the apocalypse.

The volume is accompanied by 48 illustrations made by Professor Marcello Scalzo of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence and his students. 

Read "THE ENGLISH ARE BACK" ((The very beginning of one of the stories collected in "Florentine Apocalypses" by Carlo Menzinger of Preussenthal - www.menzinger.it)

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