Over the past 47 plus years I have painted at least 860 paintings. There may be another thirty or forty before I started to number and document my paintings.

On the following pages are a few of the remaining oil paintings that I still have at home. 

The number in the lower left hand corner is the actual identification number of that particular painting.

If any image interests you, please Email me and I will give you full particulars concerning that painting, as well as a special price.

Thank you for your interest and warmest regards,

Carl L. Rosner


  #489 - 12" X 16" The Cobbler of Sturbridge (Massachusetts) 


           Here is a Gouache (a form of water color)) Seascape created                       in 1948. It is under glass and is approximately 19" x 28"

                                           My very first oil painting, I call "Vagabond"
                                                            Mountain Man 14"x 18"
                          A Rocky Mountain view - Colorado 24"x 30"

                                                  #0312 WINTER GULL FEEDING 11"x 14"

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