Here is a twin trunk Pomegranate in full bloom.

                                           The beauty of the Brazilian rain tree

                                                AVAILABLE BUT WITH A STRANGE STORY

                                                         Saving the above Rain Tree

                                                                  by clrosner » Sun September  02, 2013

One of my favorite trees was a Rain Tree (picture above), which I had developed over more than five years. A friend and a student of mine fell in love with the tree and begged me to sell it to him. He met my price and the tree left my "tree House"

Several months went by, and my student admitted to me that the Rain tree had lost all its leaves. I suspected pests, but when I saw the tree I was quite up set. I checked the branches for the cambium layer and could not find any green under the bark.

I announced that I thought the tree was dead, but I wanted to put the tree in my ICU, and for the next month I opened the ICU and watched for any sign of life. On the 31st day, I thought I saw a bit of green at the very base of the trunk, and continued the ICU vigil. It was almost forty days when to my surprise and delight there was a definite sign of life.

As you look at the pictures you will see that all the branches sprung from those first green shoots that continue to grow today. After a month, I gave the tree back to my student and told him the tree would never be the same, but that he could weave the new shoots as they developed in and around the old branches.

This is just another example of the benefit of the ICU and not giving up.

                                                                                                     First Sign of Life - March 2012

                                  Developing branches from the base -  January 2013

                     Full Foliage all from the base weaved among the dead branches -                                                         January 2013


                            This is the Serissa Mountain - one of my favorite designs

                            This PLANTING is known as a tree of a thousand stars –

                                          the Serissa forest