Chronology of the Fort of Daulatabad, by Carl Lindquist

Prior to the Mughal Conquest
9th Century A Buddhist settlement is established at the site. ------
12th Century Yadav Kings control the site, calling it Deogiri (Devagiri). ------
1294 Deogiri is looted by Ala-ud-din Khilji, nephew of the Sultan of Delhi. 708
14th Century Deogiri is annexed to the Sultanate in 1318. The site takes on a more Islamic appearance. 9th Century
1327 Sultan Muhammad Tughluq moves the capital from Delhi to Deogiri and renames the site Daulatabad; Delhi is restored as the capital in 1344. 741
ca. 1500 Chand Minar is built during period of Bahmani control. The breakup of the Bahmani Sultanate results in Daulatabad being passed to the Nizam Shahi kingdom. ca. 914
1621 Shah Khurram, later known as Shah Jahan, sends troops to take over the fort. The Mughals are forced to retreat. 1035

Royal Year 6 of Shah Jahan (1633 A.D., 1047 A.H.)
11 January Mahabat Khan marches from Burhanpur toward Daulatabad, after plea of its governor Fath Khan for assistance. 22 Dai
22 February Confrontation with Bijapuri troops. 12 Sha'ban
11 March Mahabat Khan arrives at Daulatabad. 30 Sha'ban
25 March Confrontation between group led by Randola and the imperial army. 14 Ramazan
28 March Randola attempts raid on the camp of Diler Hammat. 17 Ramazan
1 April Supplies of corn reach the camp of Mahabat Khan. 21 Ramazan
7 April Deccanis attack trenches of Khan Zaman; Mahabat Khan sends word not to charge the attackers. 27 Ramazan
April Randola's attempt to bring provisions into the fort is foiled. Ramazan
16 April Mahabat Khan sends Khan Zaman and others to raid camp of the enemy. 6 Shawwal
17 April Fath Khan appears with troops at Pattan and Khirki gates; imperial army attacks. 7 Shawwal
19 April Khan Zaman's trench mine explodes; 28 yards of fort wall are destroyed. 9 Shawwal
27 April Randolu and Sahu dump corn into moat; ambushed by imperial army. 17 Shawwal
4 June Fath Khan sends Vakilk to Mahabat Khan; 15 yards of fort wall blown up; imperial army enters fort. 26 Zi'l-Qa'da
27 June Fath Khan surrenders fort. 19 Zi'l-Hijja
4 June Shah Jahan receives word of capture of Daulatabad. 26 Zi'l-Hijja
Royal Year 8 of Shah Jahan (1635 A.D., 1049 A.H.)
1 October Shah Jahan sets out from Agra on expedition to see Daulatabad. 21 Ramazan
Royal Year 9 of Shah Jahan (1636 A.D., 1050 A.H.)
28 February Shah Jahan camps near Daulatabad. 21 Ramazan
2 March Shah Jahan enters Daulatabad, inspects environs of the fort including the upper regions near the citadel. 24 Ramazan
July Affairs in the Deccan settled. Shah Jahan leaves Daulatabad. Safar