Transportation Economics Publications by Public Policy Issue

Alan Carlin's publications in transportation economics by public policy issue involved with comments on the policy outcome where applicable.

Marginal Cost Pricing of Airport Runway Capacity.  Outcome: Partially adopted in 2007 in New York

Marginal Cost Pricing of Airport Runway Capacity (with R. E. Park), 1970.  Full text: American Economic Review, Vol. LX, No. 3, June, ppl. 310-9.  Reprinted in Peter Forsyth, Kenneth Button, and Peter Nijkamp (editors), Air Transport Classics in Transport Analysis. Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, MA, 2002, pp. 491-5000.  Abstract and order info.

A Model of Long Delays at Busy Airports (with R. E. Park), 1970, Journal of Transport Economcs and Policy, Vol. IV, No. 1, January, pp. 37-62.  Abstract and order info.

The Efficient Use of Airport Runway Capacity in a Time of Scarcity (with R. E. Park), 1969, Report R‑5807‑PA, The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, August.  Abstract and order info.

Alternative Development Strategies for Air Transportation in the New York Region, 1970‑1980 (with H. S. Campbell, S. L. Katten, T. F. Kirkwood, D. M. Landi, R. E. Park, L. Rounnau, and A. J. Rolfe), 1969, Report RM‑5815‑PA, The RAND Corporation, August.

Proposal for a Los Angeles Rapid Transit System--Outcome: Rejected by voters in 1968; single line built later has had little success attracting riders; larger light rail system undertaken in 1990s

An Economic Re-Evaluation of the Proposed Los Angeles Rapid Transit System (with Martin Wohl), 1968, Paper P-3918, The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.  Abstract and order info