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    Some of my Favorite Pictures So far:

    My Favorite Photos So Far

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    Rome, Italy

    Naples & Pompei, Italy

    Florence, Italy

    Venice, Italy

    MIlan, Italy

    Sail Croatia

    Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

    Delphi, Greece

    Mycenea & Olympia, Greece

    Corinth & Nafplio, Greece

    Athens, Greece

    Kotor, Montenegro

    Mostar, Bosnia

    Sarajevo, Bosnia

    Budapest, Hungary

    Vienna, Austria

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Braunschweig, Germany

    Berlin, Germany

    Hamburg, Germany

    Sail Turkey, Turkey Coast

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Seville, Spain

    Granada, Spain

    Madrid, Spain

    Barcelona, Spain

    London, England

    Brighton, England

    Bristol, England

    Oxford, England

    Chatsworth House

    York, England

    Scottish Highlands and Boarders

    Edinburgh, Scotland 

    Nice, France and Monaco

    Lyon, France

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Bern, Switzerland

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Brussels, Belguim

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands!!!!

    Brugge, Belgium

    Brugge, Belgium

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    Perth, Australia - Kings Park

    Melbourne, Australia - Street Art

    Melbourne Street Art

    Or see the Photos At:


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