23. London!!!! I love this place

posted Jul 21, 2012, 11:37 AM by Carlie Huberman   [ updated Jul 25, 2012, 9:43 AM ]

I love London.  I have always loved London.  This is my third trip here and it just gets better every time!  The first day I walked along the Themes and up to London Bridge, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.  Right now the Tower Bridge has the Olympic Rings hanging over it, which is pretty neat.  In fact the entire city is going crazy over the Olympics.  Streets are closed and there are a gazzilion people here.  Later that same day I met up with one of my old friends from high school, Igor.  It was great to see him cause I haven’t seen him in 5 years!  The next day I had myself a nice English Breakfast and headed off to Hyde Park and then did a walking tour around the city.  It was a pretty good tour.  Better then I have had in some cities, except the tour guide kept exaggerating to make stories funnier…which kind of got on my nerves.  I mean I knew when he was making stuff up when I knew the stories but how much was he making up about stuff I didn’t know.  The next day I met up with my friend Libby for lunch.  She is one of my friends from when I lived in Australia and backpacked with me up the Australian coast!  The two of us went to Camden Market, which was a lot of fun.  I then took the rest of the afternoon to go to The British Museum to look at all of the things that England has stolen from around the world. J It was actually pretty awesome, and very well laid out.  I think my two favorite exhibits were the Egyptian Mummies and the Greek god statures.  I may have a small obsession with Greek god and goddess statutes.  I don’t know how I feel about the mummies.  I think its cool that people can see these things for learning purposes but I felt a little weird that someone’s body was on display for tourists.  Is it disrespectful? That night I met up with Igor and some of his friends again at a few clubs and bars!  Turns out a met a friend of his, Alex, who had met my best friend Bella 2 years ago in Greece randomly.  Its crazy how worlds collide like that.  Today, my last day I went to Westminster Abby which was really beautiful.  Its crazy how many memorials they have crammed into one building over the centuries.  I then walked around south bank, and the temple gardens, and then went up to Oxford Circus to eat dinner and look around.  My last night here was awesome!  I met up with my good friend Derrick who was on the American University Cheerleading team with me!  The two of us walked around the Themes together and then went to a small Italian restaurant that we saw on a side road.  Turns out it was a hidden gem!  There was a live cocktail singer and he kept handing me the microphone to sing along!!  Around 11 it turned into karaoke and we sang and danced the night away!  When I got back to my hostel I ran into an entire English soccer team of Deaf guys!  It was really neat chatting with them in a combination of American Sign Language and British Sign Language.  Turns out it was almost easier to chat with them then it is American Deaf people because since ASL is not their first language they were signing slower and I was actually able to keep up with what they were saying!  It was really fun!  Though if you have ever tried to sign with a drink in your hand…let me tell you…it is a challenge.

Overall I had a great time and London and can’t wait to be in Barcelona next!!