48. Florence...museums, art, churches

posted Oct 15, 2012, 5:46 AM by Carlie Huberman

I just spent the last three days in Florence, Italy.  It ever really occurred to me just how beautiful and cultural that Florence would be!  I honestly don’t think that I have ever seen so many art museums in one place ever before.  And what makes it even crazier is that most of the art in Florence was part of the Medici family collection.  Almost all of the art was collected by one family, of course it was over hundreds of years but still.  I learned a lot about Italian history which I had never learned before.  From what I can tell Italy was a lot more violent then the average place in Europe was, probably because all the different families were fighting for power so much, sounds to me like they just went around killing each other.  I saw so many different family palaces, including a few of the different Medici family palaces, and Pitti Palace which was the massive one that they lived in when they became dukes of Tuscany.  There were a few truly impressive things in Florence, one of which was the Duormo. I was walking along in the city and all of the sudden I came upon the Cathedral…and Oh My God!  It is truly unbelievable!  Just out of no where rises this magnificent building, that is colorful and detailed and just beautiful!  It was really quite amazing.  Inside was so open and spacious too!  Next to the cathedral was the baptistery which on the outside has the “Gates of Paradise” which is a golden door carved with stories.  And yes the whole thing is made of gold!  Another absolutely beautiful spot was the Golden Bridge.  It is the oldest bridge (and the only bridge to survive WWII) in Florence and its quite amazing.  It has goldsmith shops all along it as you walk across.  In old time it used to butcher shops but one of the Dukes had it changed because he didn’t want to have to walk through the smell.  The river is so pretty especially with all of the orange and yellow buildings along the riverside!  Across the river on the first day I climbed up to Michelangelo’s Plaza, where you can see the entire city, and a bronze copy of “David” is on display.  I happened to be there at sunset and it was quite amazing.  Unfortunately I didn’t go into any of the art museums.  I was going to go to the Academia where “David” is, but the line was sooooo long and it was starting to rain, so I gave up on the art museums.  On the last day I was planning on going to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa but the train station at Pisa was on strike and none of the trains where going, so I didn’t get to go unfortunately.  On the other hand I spent the day looking at Italian Leather stores, and got my self an amazing pair of Italian Leather Boots!  They look incredible and they were super cheap, so all in all it was a great day!  I am now heading to Naples where I hope to eat amazing pizza, climb Mt. Vesuvius, and see Hurculiaum, which is supposedly a better version of Pompeii!