47. Venice...canals, bridges, boats

posted Oct 12, 2012, 5:49 AM by Carlie Huberman

I just spent the last three days I Venice, and it really was amazing!  The city really is exactly how you imagine it to be.  Its beautiful, old buildings lined by tiny coble stone streets, and canals filled with boats, and littered with bridges.  And the city is also very quite, because there are no cars.  When I say no cars I really mean there are actually zero, I didn’t see a single one the entire time I was there because there are no streets!  There aren’t even any bicycles, because all of the bridges have so many stairs everywhere!  Everyone gets around by walking and by boat!  While I didn’t ride in a gondola, because they were so expensive, (And honestly who wants to ride in a gondola by themselves), I did take the water bus around a few times.  I took it along the grand canal to get to San Marco Piazza, where I got to see the famous Bridge of Sighs!  I spent quite a lot of time wondering around the city, getting myself hopelessly lost, and then found again!  One of the things that I loved to do while wondering, was the look into all of the venetian mask stores!  The city was filed with them!  And they really are quite beautiful!  My family collects masks, so of course I had to get a couple!  On one of the days it was raining, and so I walked around Cannareggio which is the island that my hostel was on, and found a University.  I decided to hang out there for about an hour because it was raining, and I blend in very well with Italian University students!  Actually I am so tan right now that I blend in everywhere in Italy!  The only problem is that everyone speaks to me in Italian and I have no idea what they are saying to me!  On the first night I was there I went to dinner with a bunch of the people in my hostel and we started drinking wine at dinner.  Then outside our hostel was a wine bar, where you can get a small glass of wine for 1 Euro, and the next thing I know we are sitting outside with a lot more bottles of wine and drinking until late into the night.  It always starts out so innocent with wine, and the next thing you know you are stumbling into bed.  Such a sneaky drink.  On the last day I was there I went over to the Islands of Murano, and Burano.  Murano is known for its blown glass, and I walked around the Island for a few hours admiring all of the artists work.  I even got to see some people working the glass in the back of their stores!  I then went over to Burano, which is a small island known for painting their houses super bright colors!  It seemed to me that the only rule to painting your house was that it had to be a different color from your neighbors house and it had to be bright!  It was very pretty, and kinda reminded me of an extreme Miami, Beach.  I had a really great time and I am now off to Florence!  Hopefully it will warm up a bit for my last week and a half in Europe!