46. Milan...Fashion & Finance

posted Oct 9, 2012, 8:38 AM by Carlie Huberman

I just spent the last two days in Milan, Italy.  You always hear about Milan, but it had never really occurred to me that the only times I had ever heard people talk about Milan was when they were talking about fashion.  There really isn’t all that much to see there.  The cathedral is really pretty and supposedly one of the biggest in the world but unfortunately when I went to see it I was wearing shorts and they wouldn’t let me in.  The Duormo was neat and the galleria, which holds all of the designer brand name stores such as Gucci and Prada, was also very pretty.  I walked around the fashion district for a while but in all honestly I didn’t feel like I could appropriately go in.  I was in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops and felt that if I tried to walk into the stores to look at the clothes that people would look down on me for dressing that way…so I just looked from the windows.  I also did my last load of laundry here!  I know that isn’t exacting to you, but if you had been wearing the same like 6 shirts for 5 months, you would be excited about realizing you get to wear your other clothes again soon!  Its also a pain in the butt to do laundry and its nice to know I don’t have to deal with that again.  On the second day I went to a park that used to be the land to one of the main families in Milan.  Their castle or Castilon, is now a museum and I explored the outside, the gardens, and the courtyards of the castle and walked around the park for a few hours.  I couldn’t bring myself to actually go into the museum though.  I don’t know about you but after 5 months I am totally sick of museums, castles, and churches.  And honestly, what else is there to do in Italy!? While I was here though I did eat some amazing food.  I had excellent ravioli, and some superb pizza.  I also had some sushi surprisingly! And it was pretty good!  I am off to Venice now, a city that I have been dying to see for years!  I can’t wait!