45. Sail Croatia

posted Oct 6, 2012, 12:46 PM by Carlie Huberman

I just spent a week sailing the coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea from Dubrovnik to Split!  It was really relaxing and really beautiful, and I made a lot of friends!  This sailing trip was much more my style than the Turkey one was because it was so much calmer!  Everyone didn’t try to do absolutely everything together and if I didn’t feel like being drunk 24/7 no one cared!  So I got to work on my tan, (which I still think is an ironic statement because all you do is lie there), read some books, swim in the crystal clear blue ocean and chat with my fellow boat mates!  We had a few excursions, which were great as well!  On one of the first days a bunch of us went kayaking out to an island where we found sea urchins and ate them fresh out of the water!  Well I didn’t because I can’t eat shellfish but a lot of other people did!  We stopped a bunch of beautiful swimming points where we all took turns jumping from the upper levels of the boat!  Somehow people convinced me to “try” to walk to rope connecting the boat to the shore about 30 feet away.  We all knew that I wouldn’t make it more then one step on the sloping slack line with out falling quite far into the water, but of course I did it anyways!   And guess what…surprise surprise I fell on the first step after I let go.  But there are some great photos of me falling!  We stopped in a bunch of tiny beautiful towns as well such as Hvar, and Stari Grad and a few others that I can’t spell and we got to walk around the old beautiful villages, where a lot of them still have private vineyards.  On one of the excursions I went on a wine tasting and it was wonderful!  We tried lots of different home grown and made wines and a port, and we had homemade goat cheese, homemade bread, homemade olive oil and olives!  It was SO GOOD!  We also got to pet a very contrary donkey that really didn’t like me too much J On our last day I went Rafting near Split an had a lot of fun even though the water level was too low for any real rapids!  Over all it really was a beautiful wonderful relaxing week!  I am now off to Milan, Italy!  My last country!  Only two weeks left now!