43. Delphi...the oracle

posted Sep 24, 2012, 11:58 PM by Carlie Huberman

On the last two days with my parents in Greece we went to Delphi where the Oracle of Delphi resided in the temple to Apollo many many years ago!  People used to go to the Oracle and ask a question and the oracle who was a women breathing in the steams of a hot spring beneath her spoke words of “wisdom” back to the person telling them what to do.  Supposedly the women was possessed with the spirit of the oracle.  Kings, and leaders used to come and ask the oracle what they should do for many different things.  Every four years their was a festival that was held somewhat like the Olympics where people competed in sports and there was plays and music for opening and closing ceremony type things.  So the ruins included a very well maintained theater and another stadium track slightly smaller then the Olympia one.  On the way up the sacred path to Apollo’s temple were many treasuries or small houses (only one has been reconstructed, the one from Athens) that were put there by city states as gifts to the oracle.  So as we walked up the path to the oracle, beautiful ruins surrounded us, until we finally reached the massive temple.  Around the whole area were towering cliffs, and beautiful mountains that you could see in the background, it really was quite impressive.  It is too bad that spring that was once their no longer exists. What was really neat was seeing a spot where their used to be a towering pillar entwined by snakes.  It was stolen about a thousand years ago by the people who are now the Turks and brought to what was at the time Constantinople and what is now Istanbul, and put into their hippodrome, which is their major horse race track.  I saw the pillar when I was in Istanbul but didn’t totally catch the jist what just what it was, also the description listed below the pillar in Istanbul lists it as a gift from Greece, but in Greece they say that it was stolen…really depends on who tells the tale huh!? Bellow the area was another mostly fallen down temple to Athena.   On our last day heading back towards Athens we stopped off at one last Monastery that is 1000 years old and still in use.  It was really beautiful and made of stone and brick and all sorts of different materials and has some stunning mosaics that are from the 1200s. Unfortunately while we were their my mom and I either drank some bad water or ate some bad food because we both were really sick for the next two days.  Unfortunate that I got food poisoning right before Oktoberfest…I wonder how that is going to work?  Anyways my parents are flying home right now and I am off to Munich to Oktoberfest!  I am sure I can still have fun even if I have to just pretend to drink my stein thanks to my upset stomach! See you in Germany!