41. Cornith & Nafplio

posted Sep 22, 2012, 9:01 AM by Carlie Huberman

For the last two days my parents and I have been booking it around Greece, and we have seen quite a lot!  On our way to Nafplio we stopped in Corinth and Acrocorinth.  Corinth itself had some nice ruins including a temple to Apollo (my favorite god) but overall it was really just ruins, and not much was left.  I did make friends with a nice doggy though.  (Greece is just covered with cats and dogs just wandering around).  We also met some nice sheep that were grazing on the side of the street.  We had to wait for them to meander across the road to continue on.  Not quite as cool as when I saw sheep grazing on the soccer field in Montenegro though!  We then continued onto Acrocornith which was the fortress on the mountain that stood jus above Corinth.  Apparently every power that had controlled Greece had also concurred and controlled Acrocorinth.  It was really beautiful and we were there during the sunset which made it quite incredible. That night we went to Nafplio and stayed in a really cute bed and breakfast in the old town.  The next day we looked up and saw yet another fortress looming over the town.  So we looked at each other and decided to climb the mountain.  This fortress was only built in the 1600s but was really neat because it was almost still intact.  We climbed the 912 steps (yes we counted!) and then when we got to the top realized that there was soooo much more climbing to do to see everything.  We ended up spending about 3 hours looking through everything.  At one point my dad and I were both sure that we knew how to get to the highest bastion in the fortress and went different ways.  When we got there it turns out we were both on opposite sides of a huge moat and couldn’t get to each other.  So I guess we were both right?  When we got back down we had lunch and jumped into the car to go see an ancient theatre.  This theater is still complete and has the most amazing acoustics!  I was able to sing a song in the middle of the stage and my parents could hear me perfectly all the way at the top of the stadium seating as if I was standing right next to them.  It was totally incredible! Unfortunately it started to rain pretty hard on us, and when I started to sing again after the rain had stopped some women started blowing her whistle at me saying that singing wasn’t allowed in the theater.  WTF?!  That is what the theatre was BUILT for?!  Anyways we grumbled and then left to go collapse at home after yet another exhausting day!  The next day we were off again towards Olympia!