39. Kotor...back in time

posted Sep 15, 2012, 4:41 AM by Carlie Huberman

I just spent the last two days in the pouring rain of Kotor, Montenegro…a notoriously sunny place!  Apparently until the day I got there they had over 140 straight days of sunshine.  Just my luck!  I took a bus from Mostar to Kotor and the distance should have been about a 2 hour drive but of course we are in Eastern Europe so it took 7 hours.  I’m sure the thunderstorms and flooding didn’t help.  When I got to Kotor I looked up and saw some of the most beautiful mountains.  One of them had a beautiful old walled medieval city at the bottom with fortress walls that snaked up both sides all the way to the very top of the mountain where a fortress castle sat at the top.  There was a path that ran along the middle with a few churches and secondary fortress stops along the way.  It was pretty awesome to see.  The first thing I said was I want to climb to the top.  Of course it was pouring down rain so I figured I would hold off till the rain stopped…little did I know that it wasn’t going to do that.  There is a guy that has been traveling the same direction as me since Sarajevo and we keep booking the same hostels which is pretty cool, his name is Nikolai and we have become good friends!  So he was in my room along with 4 British guys that were really cool.  They reminded me a lot of my guy friends at home…super sweet but totally nuts!  They were on a 10 day trip so they had the mentality of needing to go crazy every single night, luckily for me I have just come off of a week and a half alcohol free zone so I was prepared to actually have fun with them.  We played Uno (with lots of more confusing rules) for a few hours and then it eventually turned into a drinking game as it got later.  I am apparently really bad at Uno….we probably played 20 games and I only won one of them.  And came in last or second to last in about 15 rounds…oh well haha.  Later that night we went down stairs to the rest of the hostel and hung out with them before going to the one club in the old town.  Weird experience simply because it’s a beautiful medieval town and then all of a sudden there is a modern club built into the old wall.  Before I tell you about the club I have to tell you about the hostel.  It is an old nobles home in the 13th and 16th century.  HOW COOL IS THAT!  Anyways the whole thing is made of stone and a really neat place to stay.  And the owners are awesome people that wanna hang out with the guests and tell you all the cool things to do.  OK so we went to the club and it was fun and playing good music but no one was dancing, so we just danced our selves…who says you can’t make something fun!!  Then all of a sudden Emeli Sande starts singing some of her songs on stage.  If you don’t know who she is don’t worry, I didn’t either until she sang the third song and I realize that I had heard it on the radio, “Next to Me”.  She is a famous British singer so we don’t get most of her music in America.  She sang three songs and everyone was freaking out and then she left.  So we were all kind confused as to why she was there, my guess is she happened to be in the area and the club asked her to do a couple songs.  So that night one of the guys and I decided to climb up part of the way up the mountain to get the view because it had stopped raining for a bit.  It was a beautiful view!  None of us got to sleep until like 4am but I at least didn’t go jump into the river like the guys did.  I really didn’t expect them to survive the experience haha!  The next morning it was pouring rain again, but I decided I needed to climb the mountain anyways because I was leaving the next day.  So while the boys all left (except for Nikolai) I climbed the mountain by myself….and got very wet.  Before I climbed it though we had all been in the common area of the hostel and the owner walks over and hands of all shots of Rakia…keep in mind that its like noon.  He insists that we take the shots of the like billion proof home brood alcohol.  This is the problem with Eastern European…THEY ARE ALL TOO DAMN FRIENDLY!!  And to them making friends means taking shots of Rakia.  So its rude to refuse.  Anyways im guessing that shot was the reason I decided to climb that huge mountain in pouring down rain.  By the time I got to the top I was soaked through and through.  But it was worth it, even though a lot of the view was fogged in and I had to take my water proof camera instead of my nice one it was still awesome.  When I got to the top I explored the castle and then climbed down to the other side of the mountain were there was a small house or church thing from the same time period and some more ruins that you couldn’t see until you got to the top.  It really was one of the coolest climbs I have done and I would love to do it again some time.  I really want to come back to Montenegro because it is just so amazingly beautiful, and has so much history.  Unfortunately because it was raining I didn’t get to do the cannoning that they have offered or the rafting, so sometime in the future I’m taking a trip back to Montenegro and spending more time here!  Finally on my last day the sun came out, so I was able to get pictures of the mountain I climbed from the bottom, and take some shots of the city.  Too bad I didn’t wait to climb until the last day huh.  Anwyays I’m heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia but just for a night, I am coming back to Croatia later, but tomorrow I am flying to Greece to meet up with my parents and I can’t wait!!!