35. Vienna...city of emperors

posted Sep 3, 2012, 1:45 AM by Carlie Huberman
I just spent the couple days in Vienna, Austria.  Unfortunately I am still trying to recover from being sick but I am really doing the best that I can to still get out and see that city at the same time. I'm starting to think that I'm gonna be sick for the rest of this trip, so I should probably just ignore it and get on with life.  Anyways the first day I was there it was pouring down rain.  Unfortunately for me that meant walking around all day in the rain if I wanted to see the city...so thats what I did.  I took a tram around the outside of the city center first to see all the pretty buildings and then after that I walked them so that I could get photographs.  I must say that if there is one thing the Austrian Monarchs, The Hapsburgs, got right it was building magnificent buildings.  And all of these amazing buildings have statutes on them which is pretty cool!  Mostly they seem to be roman goddesses.  I was staying across from the Nashtmarkt which ment that I got to eat some good food while I was here to which was nice!  I even ate some Snitchle...i know i spelled that completely wrong.  On the second day it was beautiful out and I went for a walk to see the Cathedral in the middle of the city.  While the outside of the Cathedral seemed similar to most of the others I had seen the inside was really one of the best Gothic Cathedrals that I have ever seen!  Really quite stunning.  I then went over to the Schonbrunn Palace to see the Hapsburgs summer home.  I have been learning about the Hapsburgs through most of this trip but this is where they are from!  They were in Spain, Austria, Czech, and a bunch of other European countries too.  But their Summer Palace was really quite amazing.  I would say that it was comparable to Versailles.  It was really quite amazing and had beautiful gardens!  I am now off to Budapest where I will meet up with some of my freinds from Camp!