32. Berlin...the re-built city

posted Aug 29, 2012, 8:49 AM by Carlie Huberman

A few days ago I spent three days in Berlin.  And after hearing so much about this city I thought it would be a let down, but it wasn’t.  I don’t believe, even after living in as prominent a city as Washington, DC that I have ever been to a place where you can feel the History as much as Berlin, except for maybe Jerusalem.   What’s crazy about Berlin is that a lot of the major history it has to share has happened with in the last 100 years and thus still feels very real.  This is a city that had been completely destroyed and then divided and had to build its self up from scratch.  I was lucky enough to get there on my first day in time to do the free walking tour and it was one of the best that I have ever been too.  The walk covered the last 200 years of Berlin History and I got to actually stand in the place where all these things happened instead of just reading about it in a text book.  It was great to see all of these things on my first day because I felt like I had accomplished a lot on the tour.  I saw so many historical sites such as sections from the Berlin Wall, many of the main squares and Gates, the Memorial of the Murdered Jews and many other memorials and historical spots, such as the place where Hitler’s bunker was and Check Point Charlie.  That night I made friends with someone people in my Hostel and went out to a really neat beer garden that had a bonfire and a little pond with in its walls, it was a really neat place.  Unfortunately I was starting to get sick in Berlin and wasn’t able to do more then hangout with the people in my hostel for the next two nights.  The next day I went around Berlin to see the things I hadn’t gotten to the day before.  I went back to spend more time at the Memorial of the Murdered Jews, and the Memorial of the Murdered Homosexuals, I went to the New Synagogue, and ended my day at the East Side Gallery taking photos of the graffiti art on all of the old pieces of the Berlin Wall.  I had dinner by the gallery and even found a really neat area to hang out in by the river behind the wall.  I would have to say that the best part of Berlin though would be eating at all of the Bagel places.  I tried out two different Bagel store and while they were not as good as what we get in the states I was THRILLED to be able to have a bagel and lox!!!!!!  I am now off to a village near Braunschweig, Germany to meet some of my cousins!