30. Sail Turkey

posted Aug 21, 2012, 12:55 AM by Carlie Huberman
I just spent the past week sailing (and by sailing I mean motoring) around the coast of  Turkey on a large sail boat.  I was with 11 other people around my age and we did a lot of tanning, swimming and drinking.  It was quite a lot of fun and we saw some historical ruins, beautiful mountains, and even a castle.  When I saw the castle on the tiny island all i could think about was....why would someone want to build a castle here?  One of the best moments of the trip had to be when I went paragliding.  We took this rickity truck up these this tiny road that had a huge drop on one side for about 30 mins.  I would have to say that was the scariest part of the day!  When we got to the top we found out that we were 2000 meters above the sea water! They strapped me into the unit along with an instructor and off we went whipped up by the wind.  It was amazing...you truly feel like you are flying!  I get to fly in my dreams but this is the first time I have ever gotten to truly glide like a bird in real life!  I think what makes it so cool is that it doesn't feel like you are being held by anything. We went into the clouds which was awesome, and I even saw a goat!  Overall the trip was great and I got some great relaxed reading time in!  When we got back to Fethiye I decided to spend a day relaxing in the city before heading off to Germany.  I went to a Turkish Bath this time instead of a Hamman bath and get the best massages that i have gotten so far on this trip.  So far Turkey is in the lead on best massages!  I had a wonderful relaxing evening with a new friend I had made named Reed and then first thing in the morning took a plane out to Germany.  Im off to Hamburg now, lets see what the red light district has in store for me!