26. Granada...Morocco of Spain

posted Aug 1, 2012, 6:40 AM by Carlie Huberman   [ updated Aug 1, 2012, 6:42 AM ]

Wow!  What an incredible city!!  Only a few cities have totally blown me off my feet when I saw them for the first time…but Granada is definitely one of them!  To picture Granada take an old Moroccan city and drop it into the middle of Spain…and boom you have Granada.  The city is filled to the brink with old beautiful Arab streets with venders selling jewelry, teapots, lamps, and clothing from morning until the middle of the night!  Also there is free tapas everywhere!  When I say there is free tapas I mean that you can walk into a tapas restaurant (preferably one that is showing the Olympics on TV….WOOOT GO USA WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS TEAM GOLD MEDALISTS!) ……anyways you walk into the restaurant and order a drink.  It can be a cervesa or sangria or even just a soda, and in a few minuets they will have brought you a full plate of food!  It’s the best system ever!  I ate pretty much all day long!  I met up with a guy named Josh from Australia who happens to be traveling in the same direction as me and the two of us have decided to travel together for a week!  Oh yeah and Josh talks more then I do!!!  So we are never at a lack of things to talk about! J Anyways we have gotten into a habit of going out for a 2nd dinner around midnight to eat even MORE tapas!  Its great here!  Then again I am obsessed with good food…so im happy as a lark.  But besides just great food this city is amazing because its history is so extensive.  This area has been conquered and re-conquered over and over throughout history.  First the Jews were here, then the Muslims, then the Christians then back to the Muslims and in the end the Christians got the city.  But over that time the different monarchs and sultans kept building a better and better palace.  And they didn’t tear down what other people had built either, because it was too beautiful to destroy.  So the Alhambra, the huge palace at the top of Granada has just been improved and improved over 1000s of years!  It is really an incredible place to visit!  Another cool section of Granada is the gypsy caves!  There are still people who live in the caves in the mountains at the top of Granada!  That is the place where Flamenco actually started!   There is just so much culture here!  Someone at my hostel pointed out that this is why Spanish people are so beautiful…they are so diverse from being conquered over and over again.  Diversity creates beauty!  One of the last things I did before I left was go to the Arab Hamman Baths! Basically the old baths that people used to use and socialize in are rebuilt in the city and have massages included in it too!  It was a pretty epic experience…and now my skin is all soft and beautiful! J One thing I will tell you though is it is HOT here!  Oh my god its so hot.  You just roast if your out in the sun in the middle of the day.  That’s why I have started taking siestas mid day!  I love my life right now!  Also it was great that the hostel had a rooftop that was just the perfect temperature at night with a slight breeze!   So we spent almost every single night just sitting on the rooftop enjoying the night!  All I have left to say is that if you haven’t been to Granada before then you HAVE to go!! I am now off to Seville, which is about 3 hours away but supposed to be just as great as Granada!  I just can’t wait to keep traveling…I am loving every second of this!