25. Madrid, Spain!

posted Jul 30, 2012, 11:09 AM by Carlie Huberman   [ updated Jul 30, 2012, 11:11 AM ]
I spent 4 days in Madrid, Spain...and I learned a lot about Spanish culture, history and life styles!  And I managed to get through both Barcelona and Madrid with out getting pick pocketed!! Fingers crossed I can make it through the rest of Spain and through Greece now!  The first few days there I ate some Tapas and walked around the city.  One of the days I was there I walked around for almost 6 hours.  I went to the Museo Del Prado which was really great to see so much beautiful artwork.  But I think at this point I might be a little museum-ed out for a bit.  I of course stayed up and watched the Olympics opening ceremony and then I have tried to catch some of the Gymnastics and Diving since the Olympics started as well!  I met a few really cool people that I went out drinking with and walking around with throughout the city.  I really enjoyed just walking the back streets at night and just watching everyone, it was quite a surreal experience.  On my last day I was tired and though that i would just chill out in the huge park that is in the middle of the city.  So I took my kindle and a towel over to the park and took a little nap.  When i looked up the guy next to me was throwing back tucks and doing handstands!  I decided I couldn't just sit there so I started talking to him and it turns out he and his friend are from Germany and spoke perfect English!  So We started doing some fun circus stuff together and we were able to do some pretty hard stuff!  It was a lot of fun!  You can see some photos of it here!  I hung out with them for the rest of the day and then they invited me to go visit them in Germany later so I am gonna go crash with them in Aug!!!  I am off to Granada now! Can't wait!!!