24. Barcelona Baby!

posted Jul 25, 2012, 9:46 AM by Carlie Huberman

I have a last made it to Spain…and its HOT!  Though I must say it is nice to finally be having real summer again, and to spend some time on the beach!  Barcelona is a really neat city because it isn’t JUST a beach city.  It also has a really interesting culture.  The first thing to through me off when I got here was that people don’t speak Spanish here…they speak Catalan which I knew but kind of forgot about.  Also I wasn’t expecting the mix of old and modern that is scattered through out this city.  The beautiful gothic section of the city is pretty amazing and makes you feel like your back in time a bit, and the cathedral is really something else!   Though honestly I think the cathedral is more impressive from a distance when you can really see the top spires.  On the other hand the city is filled with Gaudi art and architecture.  The modern Gaudi buildings are really spectactular and the Parc Guell is really amazing as well!  I spent a lot of time with some English and Australian friends in my hostel and they had fun taking me to the beach bars and clubs! I’m gonna have to catch up on my sleep some after a few days with these crazy kids!  But I would have to say that what I love about Spain the most so far would have to be the Tapas!!  Being allergic to shellfish does limit my selection some but oh man I love me some Tapas.  The sangria is pretty good too!  Its been fun to practice my Spanish and I am always really proud of my self when I can order my food, buy a train ticket, or ask for directions in Spanish.  I am hoping that by the time I get to Portugal I will be able to at least hold a short conversation!  I am off to Madrid now where I will hopefully meet up with a few of my friends from home who are going to happen to be there at the same time as me!