21. Bristol...Millie and Jack

posted Jul 14, 2012, 3:42 PM by Carlie Huberman
I have spent almost a whole week in Bristol, England visiting two of my best friends Millie and Jack!  What a relief its been to get out of a hostel for a few days.  Millie and Jack live in a wonderful little apartment right on the river and right in front of Bristol's suspension bridge.  We spent a lot of time exploring Bristol and the neighborhood of Clifton which sits on a hill over looking the city.  One of the great things about Jack and Millie is that they do circus acrobatics just like me!  So on the first full day that I was here we went to a Trapeze Class where I finally got to get back onto a static trapeze!  It was wonderful to get back on the trapeze!  I practiced some double trapeze will Millie and then played around with some acro moves!  That night one of their other friends (also named Jack) came over and we had a wonderful night of food, wine, pictionary, and charades!  My team won at charades of course!!  But if any of you have ever seen me draw then you would know right away that I lost at Pictionary...but it was close! What a great night! The next day was super sunny and we spent almost the whole day at the park playing around and doing acro-balance!!  It was awesome to work with Millie and Jack because I could base Millie and fly on Jack!  And I got to see how much Jack and Millie have improved! You can see pictures from the park here under Bristol!  Its nice to know that my knee isn't slowing me down too much anymore. The other gerat thing about Jack and Millie is that they are both into health food and really good cooks!  So i got to try some truly amazing dishes!  The rest of the week flew by and on the last day I even went to a Foodie festival that was being held on the Bristol water front!  It was really great!  I am off to Brighton tomorrow morning to start my normal trip again.  Oh boy more hostels!  Actually I am excited to get back into backpacking again but this was a wonderful break!